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Dark side of Iapetus

Images compiled by Liz Burleson
Lockheed Martin''s ORION project leader Larry Price / Actor Sydney Pollock as Victor Ziegler in Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut."
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OKLAHOMA CITY – While listening to Episode 86 of Always Record at, the guests are discussing syncs between Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey and Pink Floyd’s 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon are also referring to the film Eyes Wide Shut.

So, I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed and see an image of someone I thought was the late actor Sydney Pollack, who starred as Victor Ziegler in Kubrick’s final film, 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut. This, while the Always Record guest, Mark LeClair, of the Wrong Way Wizard blog, tells the hosts that the creator of the 16-year-old Kubrick-Floyd Site notes that Kubrick – like Fellini – was annoyed with dealing with dialogue and was a “pent-up” silent-film creator.

Eyes Wide Shut – a movie meant to be seen without sound - would be like 2001:ASO/Dark Side of the Moon but with what Pink Floyd album? Meddle? Obscured By Clouds?

Says Mark LeClair: “What would be the Pink Floyd album that would fit with Eyes Wide Shut? And it immediately occurred to me on the first line of the film is 'Honey, have you seen my wallet?’ So I’m thinking, ‘It must be The Wall.’ And what made me immediately think of this was the Ziegler connection. Victor Ziegler, the character Ziegler whose name means bricklayer, right? That’s what it means, just another Ziegler in the wall. I think, right, there’s something there.”

Stunning, as I look at this Sydney Pollack doppelganger. It turns out that it is Larry Price, who is in charge of Lockheed Martin's Orion program, which is the national project to get humans back to the Moon and ultimately Mars and beyond - thus syncing with 2001:ASO and going "Beyond the Infinite and up the Tree of Life. 

The image of Larry Price was via an event for Space Day at the Oshkosh, Wisconsin - EAA Airventure Oshkosh. In the image he is discussing NASA's plans to get to Mars, likely wih a Lockheed Martin Orion ship.

LeClair, on Always Record, says he downloaded The Wall off the Internet and then when he synced by that 1980 Pink Floyd album with Eyes Wide Shut, he said “It was frightening. There can be no question. None. That these films … these two media, they belong together. They are meant to be together.”

LeClair posits that Kubrick and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters talked about a score to Eyes Wide Shut years earlier and that The Wall – which came out 19 years before Eyes Wide Shut was released – was meant to be synced with the film. This is noted because a Vanity Fair article notes that when Kubrick began working on Eyes Wide Shut, the actor Steve Martin (August 14th birthday) was going to play Dr. Bill Harford and that Woody Allen was to be Ziegler.

Woody Allen allegedly responded, when asked about missing out on being in the Kubrick film: “He came to his senses.”

Ziegler, of course, is a patient of "Dr. Bill" (Tom Cruise) and invites him to his elite Christmastime party. Later, in his exquisite billiard room, Ziegler (Pollack) warns him that he is "out of his depth" after Dr. Bill attends an occult ritual. I should note that Larry Price is also the name of a recently-passed away champion pool player.

Is there a connection with Ziegler/Pollack and Price? I suspect that they are both seen as elite and "in the know" and not entirely forthcoming about the things they do know. And with Ziegler's most well-known scene, in the billiard room, the pool cue and the billiard balls remind me of planets and moons and the USS Discovery as it heads towards Jupiter/Saturn and the monolith in 2001:ASO. In Arthur C. Clarke's novel, the monolith is on the Saturnian moon Iapetus, whose double Jovian moon is icy Europa, which later becomes a planet - with a monolith keeping guard, under the warmth of the sun Lucifer (formerly Jupiter). (That beautiful-but-melancholy Beach Boys song was written on the morning of the President John F. Kennedy assassination).


Incredibly, within two or three minutes of posting that famous line from 1984's 2010: The Year We Make Contact (the film which led me to 2001:ASO the work of Arthur C. Clarke and changed my life forever) I glance across my desk and see the July 2014 issue of National Geographic and the beautiful image of Jupiter and a close-up image of ... Europa!

In a Lockheed Martin press release, Orion receives high praise: "Orion is being designed to perform missions that have not yet even been dreamed of.

Orion project's Price, in a Daily Texan article from 2013, tells students at The University of Texas that The idea of space exploration is so agreeable, it transcends being bipartisan and is actually considered nonpartisan ... in Congress, the main disagreements center not on if we should go to space, but where we should go in space."

Beyond Mars. Beyond time. To Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite. Or at least to Iapetus.


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