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OKLAHOMA CITY – Rarely a day goes by when I don’t think about the radical effects the still-leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is still having on the Pacific Ocean environment and beyond.

Watching a documentary called Watermark last night, about the way water shapes humanity, this powerful film showed the use of water in California’s Imperial Valley – a desert – and how it is a water-intensive process, growing crops there.

As I watched it, I also thought of the radioactive rain coming in off the coast and into California’s interior (a major storm is hitting northern California and southern Oregon as I write this) and how a cleansing, healing rain now contains poison – a side effect of man’s shortsightedness and greed.

Today, while reading posts in my Facebook feed, I noticed a link to a Vigilant Citizen story about the new issue of The Economist and how it featured a Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-esque cover, featuring Obama, Merkel, Putin, Xi Jinping, Modi, Cameron and other political world figures.

Vigilant Citizen is a notorious conspiracy site, but reading their analysis of this “curious” cover, I began to analyze it as well.

And apart from the ominous mushroom cloud (nuclear war on the horizon?), I was troubled by the images of two classic figures of literature – Alice and the Cheshire Cat, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

As in the book, Alice gazes up at the enigmatic, grinning Cheshire Cat, who is perched on a tree branch emerging from behind Obama’s left leg. In front of Alice is a pile of dirt and two arrows. On these arrows are numbers – 11.5 and 11.3.

The Economist, being a British magazine, I read those numbers as dates, European style. The first would be May 11 and the second March 11.

May 11 could be a date of something happening this year. Perhaps. As for March 11, well, that caught my attention, in light of this Alice imagery. March 11, 2011 was the date of the Fukushima disaster (earthquake, tsunami, destruction of nuke plant), which I dreamed about the moment it happened. And the night before? March 10, 2011, my wife and I were sitting outside, noting the crescent-shaped moon, which was “smiling like the Cheshire Cat,” as she put it.

A few days after the disaster, on March 16, 2011, I wrote a Dust Devil Dreams piece (before I had established DDD) titled “The Cheshire moon.” I noted how on Sept. 10, 2001, I had sensed something was wrong when I spotted an American flag flapping in the wind – upside-down.

And then there is the way the numbers are presented – on arrows. For weeks now, the idea of bows and arrows – more specifically “arrows” – has been haunting my dreams. It keeps coming up. In fact, I had a dream featuring a guy I hardly know whose last name is “Archer.” It was very, very odd.

And then there is the song “Roam,” a catchy, pop single – released exactly 25 years ago – by The B-52’s. I loved that song and the album it was on, Cosmic Thing (another DDD post notes that here), and even had my drum teacher at the time teach me to play the straightforward drum style featured on “Roam.”

The line that always got me was sung by Cindy Wilson, Here’s the verse: “Skip, the airstrip, to the sunset / Yeah, ride the arrow to the target, ONE! / Take it hip to hip, rocket through the wilderness / Around the world the trip begins with a kiss …

And I heard “Roam” on the radio just a few days ago and that line – “Ride the arrow to the target” stuck out again. The video is terrific, with the band dancing and goofing around against images of different world cultures and strange symbols, including ancient Egyptian. I remember at the time - 1990 - feeling very good when I'd hear this song and see this video. It had a positive, international, and even New Age-y approach. And when Wilson sings that line, a banana is shown penetrating a bagel as Fred Schneider raises his eyebrows knowingly. Great stuff.

Of course with The Economist referring to a possible nuclear exchange in 2015 (note how Putin is wearing eye protection), perhaps a B-52 (a'la Dr. Strangelove - or that weird 2007 incident where a B-52 "lost" a nuke *allegedly* between Minot, North Dakota and Bossier City, Louisiana) has a different meaning - one that will "roam" over the North Pole and into the history books? 

So, is something expected to happen on March 11th or May 11th? Why is The Economist so cryptic about the images on the magazine cover? 

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