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Corn, no stalks

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OKLAHOMA CITY – In my dream two nights ago, I find myself in a ramshackle farmhouse in a semi-wooded area near a rocky outcropping, like a large hill. It seems to be spring. People in the house remind me of the denizens of a commune you might see in the 1970’s. I sense that there is something outside the house and I try – and fail – to get their attention.

I go outside and a large tree, like a willow, is wavy in a steady wind and right above the tree is a multi-colored UFO.  Stunned, I go out on the porch and I look over at a neighboring property where five “cowboys” are on their horses and are being lifted into the air by some mysterious force or beam. The “cowboys” are fighting this “force,” resisting the aliens who are seemingly trying to abduct them.

As that is happening, some of the commune kids are pulling ears of corn out of the garden (like pulling carrots – and then replacing them with “different” (read: “tainted”) ears of corn placed in the dirt in the communal garden.

I should not that these ears of corn are not on stalks, which reminds me of my 2014 Dust Devil Dreams post “Dopey little tykes …”)

Again, I was trying to warn these distracted hippies that horrible things were to befall them if they didn’t snap out of their stupor. It reminded me a bit of a book I loved as a child, Elizabeth Guilfoile’s Nobody Listens to Andrew (1958), about a little brother who feels like no one pays attention to him. When he tries to warn neighbors and his family about a bear in the house, no one pays attention – until the very end, and Andrew gets the satisfaction of being right and people he knows and loves finally acknowledging him.

One other thing that stood out to me was that in this cult’s house was an old-style TV, like the one Danny and his mother watch in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

On the screen, amidst a poor signal and lots of crackling static is the image of a boy of about 10 or so, wearing round, John Denver-like wire-rimmed glasses and sort of staring out from the screen. It was somewhat unsettling.

And when I woke up, I took notes of what I remembered from the dream, and concluded that it was “very X-Files like.” Indeed.

After that, I checked Twitter to see if anything insane had happened overnight. The first thing I see is from Christopher Knowles’ The Secret Sun Speaks Twitter account. It is an image of The X-Files actor Gillian Anderson, as FBI Agent Dana Scully, placing her hand on the top of the head of actor Jeff Gulka (pictured at the top of this post), who played Gibson Andrew Praise, a  young chess prodigy who carried within him alien DNA.

I read Knowles’ comments, which were: :”Here is Wisdom: "the key to everything in The X-Files," the proof of the paranormal and the supernatural was young Gibson Praise. Gibson comes from the German "Giselbert." So you could call him "Giselbert Praise" if you like. Try saying the name out loud, brothers and sisters.

I was stunned. The face I saw on the Poltergeist-like TV screen was identical to this Gibson Praise character from 20 years ago on The X-Files. But then I had another thought – young Gibson looked like a young version of the 10-year old Internet hoax (or is it?) “EVER DREAM THIS MAN?” at, which is said to be about a man who appears in people’s dreams around the world, for unknown reasons.

What was weird is that my recent viewing of the most recent season of The X-Files inserted “This Man” posters and images like Easter eggs throughout the season. It sort of brought the series to present day, as opposed to being a relic of the Clinton years.

But I want to wrap up with this: the corn in my dream. This has popped up a lot over the years (call it my "field of dreams"), and what is interesting in my dream imagery is the link between the UFO, the alien abduction of the cowboys and the carrot-like corncobs being placed in the ground - tainted. Infected with something. 

Recall in The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998) that Mulder and Scully come across a cornfield in the middle of the desert and then are chased by bees infected with alien DNA. I wrote about this in my Dust Devil Dreams post "Maize/maze" on 11/11/14.

In other dreams I've had, drones chase me in a hotel corridor (along with actor Benicio del Toro (!) and try to inject some substance "to check our DNA." We were being "tagged," like cattle. Oh, and in this dream the events take place in the year 2037!!! Yep, you read that right. Just yesterday I was seeing "237" all over the place.

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