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Christopher Reeve (Superman) and Robin Williams (Mork) were "closer than brothers."
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OKLAHOMA CITY – With the sad news this week regarding the passing of actor and comedian extraordinaire Robin Williams, it was with great interest that I learned today – via a conversation from film expert Bud Elder, during an interview on KOKC 1520 AM this morning – that Robin Williams and fellow actor Christopher Reeve, were “closer than brothers.”

Having both met a little more than 40 years ago while roommates at the Julliard School in New York, Williams and Reeve became fast friends throughout the 1970’s just as their careers were both taking off, as it were.

For me and for most, their first introduction to both Williams and Reeve was via their roles as “fish-out-of-water” and benevolent “aliens.” Williams as Mork from Ork on Mork & Mindy and Reeve, of course, the superman born on Krypton who comes to Earth and is raised as the human Clark Kent before realizing his destiny as Superman, in the 1978 blockbuster film of the same name.

Reeve’s tragic injury and, later, his death in 2004, seemed symbolic as the man who best represented Superman in our generation, had been laid low by his injury and yet his friend funnyman Robin Williams reportedly kept Reeve in good spirits. They helped one another amidst the "strikes and gutters" that life presents. Closer than brothers.

Synchromystically speaking, on July 23rd, I posted a Dust Devil Dreams piece titled “Sunshine supermen.”

I wrote: “Can Superman save us as we face a world that is increasingly stumbling into the abyss as we enter into the sign of Leo, a Sun resonator?”

Sadly, we are on our own. Superman is gone.

And now, so is “Superman’s best friend” – Mork from Ork – who reportedly took his own life.

For me this syncs with two movies – 1980’s Somewhere In Time, (based on a Richard Matheson novel) starring Reeve and 1998’s What Dreams May Come, starring Williams. Both films – both powerful and spiritual in their own ways – feature both actors at their best.

In the former, Reeve plays a 1970’s playwright who is approached by an elderly woman who asks him to come back to her. Eventually, his character, Richard Collier, seeks out the woman he met, Elise (Jane Seymour) who lives in 1912.

The power of their connection overcomes the (time) distance between them. And at the end (spoiler alert), he is separated because of a penny in the pocket that is from his time in 1980. Elise and Richard are separated – and he dies of a broken heart – only to be reconnected, presumably in the afterlife.

With What Dreams May Come, a film based on a 1978 Richard Matheson novel, Robin Williams plays an American doctor named Chris Nielsen who marries a woman named Annie. They are soul mates. It is “true love.”

They have children, who later die in a car crash and Annie suffers a mental breakdown. They don’t divorce, but then Chris dies in a car crash and later Annie commits suicide.

On the other side, Chris looks for Annie and, because those who commit suicide go to Hell, Chris tracks her down in this “dream-like world” beyond the one we are familiar with, but where she can’t remember her reason for being there.

When Chris says he loves Annie, forever his soulmate, and that he will stay with her in Hell rather than going it alone in Heaven, this act of love allows for the family to be reunited in Heaven and via reincarnation (spoiler alert) the Chris and Annie meet again as young children.

Both are beautiful films, beautifully shot and acted and featuring themes of true love that overcomes the limitations that time presents.

Perhaps, now, these two men – “closer than brothers” have been reunited on the other side.

As an aside, the name “Robin” has been coming up a lot lately. I’ve seen robins quite a bit in the neighborhood and that name kept coming up for one reason or another.

There was my mention of Batman's sidekick "Robin" in my piece "Saul is dead?" I noted brave "Sir Robin" in the Lyric Theatre's performance of Spamalot! and Louis Fowler noted that the recently passed away Casey Kasem voiced the cartoon Robin on the Superfriends program.

Also, the names “Christopher” and “Robin” sync with A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh and Milne’s home at Cotchford Farm in Sussex, England. This is the home where Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones died in July 1969 in a swimming pool under very suspicious circumstances. There’s the sync “water” theme coming into this thread. Curiously, Christopher Robin Milne had a difficult time coming to terms with his notoriety as "Christopher Robin" and the real-yet-imaginary world of the Hundred Acre Wood. After Jones' death and Christopher Robin Milne's refusal to return or have anything to do with Winnie-the-Pooh in his adult years, a cloud hung over Cotchford Farm.

Christopher Robin Milne died in 1996.

Also please read Loren Coleman’s latest Twilight Language sync post “Robin Williams, Former Trident Busboy, Dies By The Sea.” 

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