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OKLAHOMA CITY – On the oddly synchronistic date of February 14th of this year, I posted a Dust Devil Dream headlined “Oh mi corazon” (oh my heart!).

While discussing writer Arthur Koestler, the Spanish Civil War and The Clash song “Spanish Bombs,” I take things further and discuss a dream I had had the night before where I find myself 23 years in the future, in 2037 (exactly 100 years after Koestler’s life-altering arrest during the Spanish Civil War, by the way …).

As I wrote that Valentine’s Day: “During this 23-year time period, my family and I (and other human beings) are being tracked and monitored by small, smooth, white-colored alien-operated ‘drones.’”

Sounds possible so far, right?

Continuing, I wrote: “(The drones) act as ‘couriers’ that ‘tag’ humans with information about the status of their DNA."

Without getting too much into it (read the full post here), me and another man who bears a striking resemblance to the actor Benicio del Toro in his reple of revolutionary Che Guevara in Steven Soderbergh’s 2008 biopic Che, “run though a run-down hotel, not unlike the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The semi-boomerang-shaped ‘drone’ is chasing Che (and I) down the hall and he manages to get into the room at the end of the hall and slam the door shut before the drone ‘tags’ him. The drone slams into the door and bounces up and strikes the ceiling, causing the alien device to explode into a white foam.”

This dream was so incredibly vivid and I was shocked at how the year 2037 was emphasized.

And if we are going to get into visions that are dreamlike, let’s take a look at Terry Gilliam’s work, specifically the sci-fi classic 12 Monkeys (1995).

I have referenced 12 Monkeys a number of times here on RDR and this day is no different.

I have just learned that next week, up in Toronto, work will commence on a SyFy program based on Gilliam’s fantastic and chilling film about a time traveler who goes back to the mid-1990’s to try and prevent the release of a plague that kills most of mankind, except for a few underground dwellers who survive.

Taking on Brad Pitt’s role of “Jeffrey Goines” will be Emily Hampshire who will play “Jennifer Goines." Bruce Willis’s James Cole will be played by Aaron Stanford who travels back from the year 2043 (six years after 2037) to present day. Cole, as in the film, “is on a race against time,” as it were.

In the film, after Cole finds himself in autumn 1996, he kidnaps psychiatrist Kathryn Railly (Madeleine Stowe), they listen to the radio about a captivating news story involving a missing 9-year-old boy named “Ricky Newman” who is said to have fallen into a well in Fresno, California. However, as they listen to the radio, Cole tells Dr. Railly – skeptical of Cole’s claims that he is a time traveler - that Ricky Newman didn’t fall in the well at all. He actually was hiding in a barn and that the whole thing is a hoax.

Let’s turn the clock back, shall we? To October 15, 2009. It was on that day that the whole world was captivated (just like the world was captivated by “Baby” Jessica McClure case in Midland, Texas where the 18-month-old girl fell into a well – 22 years earlier – on October 14, 1987) and prayed that a six-year-old boy named Falcon Heene was not aboard a UFO-shaped silver balloon flying over the countryside north of Denver, Colorado.

“Balloon Boy” captivated the nation as his inflatable flying saucer zipped ever-closer to the uber-mysterious Denver International Airport airspace. What would become of “Balloon Boy”? When the UFO balloon finally came down to Earth, little Falcon the Balloon Boy was nowhere to be found.

After authorities began asking more questions of the suspicious father, Richard Heene, it turned out that – like the “Baby Jessica”-ish Ricky Newman hoax featured in 12 Monkeys 14 years earlier – the boy was found hiding in his house and later spilling the beans on Larry King Live that he had been put up to it by his publicity-hungry dad.

Baby Jessica would later meet President George H.W. Bush who made his career in the oil business in her hometown of Midland, Texas. Also, the following Monday, after Baby Jessica was rescued, the infamous Black Monday stock-market crash took place.

Oddly, the same day that Balloon Boy 12 Monkeys’ Terry Gilliam was on Regis & Kelly, with the rest of the remaining Monty Python troupe (including the ashes of Graham Chapman), promoting the release of the heavily synchronistic film (Heath “The Joker” Ledger’s last) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus which was to be released in the UK the following day and on Christmas Day 2009 in the U.S. Interestingly, as a side note, Stanley Kubrick wanted Gilliam to film a sequel to his 1964 satire Dr. Strangelove. Interesting to note in light of heightened tensions between the U.S. and Russia and how we have a dimwit president surrounded by warmongering generals hellbent on world war. 

And it would be in July 2012 – three years after the Colorado "Balloon Boy" psy-op – that James “The Joker” Holmes would be accused of being the triggerman in a movie-theatre massacre in Aurora, Colorado. His trial, which is expected to last months, is scheduled to begin this fall. Recently, we noted the Las Vegas connection that Aurora case had to Hillary Clinton and to Che Guevara - Operation Cynthia - curiously enough. And there was a Joker connection with that as well. And with Hillary Clinton, we have the DDD I wrote about ("The soul's midnight") where I reference Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, which I also referenced last October in "Something strange and wonderful."

And as we consider the idea that 12 Monkeys is reentering the consciousness of TV viewers, at least as soon as early 2015 (Hello 2015!), one can’t help but note that the current outbreak of ebola is of great concern. In the film, the virologist assistant played by David Morse steals a deadly virus and flies around the world, releasing it in different cities. The current concern is that ebola-infected airline passengers will unwittingly infect others as they fly from place to place, spreading ebola even further and resulting in a mass, deadly plague. An outbreak of the sort not witnessed in modern history.

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