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A "blue bunny" or something else? Perhaps a "moonrise"?
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OKLAHOMA CITY –  Coming out of an unusual dream early this morning, I was struck by the fact that my dream self was singing a song called “Back to the Egg.” Some time has passed and I do not remember the lyrics. However, that is also the title of a 42-minute-long 1979 album by Paul McCartney and his band Wings. In fact, it was their swan song.

Admittedly, that album was not one I was particularly familiar with. The song “Again and Again and Again” on Back to the Egg and  sung by Wings collaborator Denny Laine, is actually pretty good. So is "Old Siam, Sir.

But the most wild track on Back to the Egg has to be the rousing, all-star “Rockestra Theme” featuring Pete Townshend and Kenney Jones of The Who, John Paul Jones and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Ronnie Lane of Small Faces, and others. A larger cast of older and newer rock stars appeared onstage together performing “Rockestra Theme” for the “Concerts for the People of Kampuchea.” That time you had everyone from The Pretenders to The Clash to Elvis Costello up on stage. McCartney was trying to stay relevant - to change - as punk and New Wave began to take hold.

Anyway, right after hearing this song that doesn’t exist, with a title that is identical to a critically-derided late Seventies Wings album, I hear a voice saying, approximately: “If I hear any more about bunnies (blue bunnies, different kinds of bunnies) “I’ll scream.”

Or was that “ice cream.” There is a Blue Bunny Ice Cream with a  curious logo. The company that produced Blue Bunny Ice Cream – Wells – was founded in 1913, just over 100 years ago, in Le Mars, Iowa – “Ice Cream Capital of the World.” According to, the Wells ice cream folks needed a new name for their ice cream after the rights were purchased.

“(T)he (Wells) brothers decided to run a ‘Name That Ice Cream’ contest in the Sioux City Journal. A Sioux City man won the $25 cash prize for submitting the winning entry, ‘Blue Bunny,’ after noticing how much his son enjoyed the blue bunnies in a department store window at Easter time.”

Looking at the Blue Bunny logo - and isn't it funny to study corporate logos and find the "Easter eggs" or the hidden message? I see a tail that is a moon coming over the horizon, perhaps? Easter is considered a celebration of the Moon and fertility.

We are in the middle of Lent. And five days before Easter this year, on April 15, we will have a Full Moon and a  lunar eclipse. The Full Moon in April is known as the "Pink Moon" (for you Nick Drake fans out there), and the Egg Moon. Lunar-wise, April will be a spectacular month for those of us back here on Earth.

A Mr. Whippy ice cream truck plays a role in the Beatles’ 1965 feature film Help!

And speaking of Sioux City, researching Wings’ “Rockestra Theme,” the first reference on Google to a “Rockestra” is the “Sioux City Rockestra,” believe it or not.

Eggs? Bunnies? Could this dream have something to do with Easter, which is on April 20th this year? Speaking of which, this April 20, 2011 blog post titled “The Easter Bunny and The Phoenix” talks about the pagan origins of Easter and the eggs.

Locations are mentioned. Toronto. Memphis. Arkansas. The Philippines (Scarborough Shoal?). There was also an individual who changed their name a lot and “ingratiated themselves into our lives.”

And then the winding, mountain road. And driving over the edge, only to be saved at the last moment.

Another interpretation of an “Easter egg,” off course, is that it is seen as something “intentionally hidden” in different kinds of media, usually within a computer program, but sometimes in a movie or even a book.

This was first widely-known when Warren Robinett, game designer of Atari’s Adventure video game, which was released in 1979. He had secretly included an “Easter egg” in Adventure which simply revealed the words “Created by Warren Robinett.”

Adventure would go on to sell 1 million copies – and Back to the Egg would sell just over 1 million copies. 

And Back to the Egg as a title? It was said that it was McCartney's way of saying, "here we go, back to the egg - or the protective shell of another tour." I don't buy it. The Hipgnosis-created album cover has the band looking down through a window at a distant Earth. Perhaps the Wings band members are observing Earth from the Moon's perspective?

And last year, Paul McCartney's daughter Stella McCartney offered "Easter Egg ideas" on her websiteThis online interactive game in celebration of Easter is a great way to put your kids in the mood for the pastels, caramel eggs, and the all-around cuteness associated with the day of the Easter bunny," notes the website.

Easter, we should note, is 22 days away. And April 20th is not an insignificant date. It was Hitler's birthday. But in astrological circles, many are excited about the Cardinal Grand Cross in the heavens at that time. Many say it will be a "challenging" time but others are more optimisitc. Change is in the air. A pressure cooker is building. I've been sensing it for months. Be ever watchful in the coming weeks. 

UPDATE (8:57 a.m. March 30, 2014): Last night, after a Jonathan Richman concert in Norman, Oklahoma, a friend and I went to Guestroom Records to hear a Velvet Underground cover band. They were pretty good. Of course I took a moment to pick through the used records. And what did I stumble upon? Back to the Egg by Wings. 

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