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OKLAHOMA CITY – Thirteen days after appearing on the 42 Minutes sync broadcast with Douglas Bolles and Will Morgan and talking about the “Rio” girl, I get up this morning, pull off of Robinson onto NW 23rd Street and “she” is the first thing I notice …

I really had a good time talking about everything from the “red” in Red Dirt Report, the color of the dirt in Oklahoma, communism, and Carl Jung’s The Red Book and its shocking appearance in The Shining.

And I also noticed the “red” sun of Krypton, destroying Superman’s planet and how it synced with 9/11 and 3/11 – or the moment the tsunami struck the coast of Japan and taking out the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Additionally, since then I have been getting a lot of “monkey” and “primate” syncs as well. On the cover of the Talking Heads’ final album – 1988’s Naked – featuring a framed portrait of a monkey – with a red background, naturally – which featured the hit “(Nothing But) Flowers.”

It’s classic David Byrne. The song’s protagonist – set against a sprightly Afro-pop groove – sings about “post-civilization” life on Earth where nature has taken over and the “junk food nation” is but a memory.

Sings Byrne: “I miss the honky tonks / Dairy Queens and 7-Elevens.... I dream of cherry pies/Candy bars and chocolate chip cookies.”

So, what happened? Ecological collapse and rebirth? A nuclear war? Revolution? An electromagnetic pulse …

… which brings me to The World’s End, the quirky Simon Pegg sci-fi film I watched over the weekend. I never quite knew there was a whole apocalyptic angle in it (MAJOR SPOILER alert!) where an EMP wipes out modern technology – thanks to the high-school-buddies-now-in-their-40’s and sets humanity into a 21st century version of the Dark Ages.

Pegg, who plays Sisters of Mercy-loving Gary King (aka King Gary) has a friend named Andy (Nick Frost) who notices a candy-bar wrapper drifting in the post-apocalyptic breeze and he notes how he misses some of those junk food treats of yesteryear.

Which syncs nicely with the Talking Heads song. And what song did I hear immediately after “(Nothing But) Flowers”? No, not “Rio,” but The Clash’s “London Calling.” I’ve been hearing it a lot with its ice age talk, zooming suns, nuclear errors and “meltdowns.” Yes, plenty of apocalyptic imagery for one day.

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