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Allende, Oklahoma and the two 9/11's

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Allende and "the other 9/11"
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OKLAHOMA CITY – As this week’s observances of the September
11, 2001 terror attacks begin to fade, we should not forget that it was on September
11, 1973 – a Tuesday, interestingly enough - that another terroristic event –
often called “the first 9/11” - took place and shook a nation far to our south
– Chile.

Yes, a democratically-elected leader and government of a
rising South American nation was overthrown by a brutal, right-wing military
junta – led by the iron-fisted Gen. Augusto Pinochet – and all the while, it has
been long suspected that the CIA – if they weren’t directly involved, gave their
tacit support of the military coup which would lead to a dictatorship that would not yield its grip
until 1990.

Just short of the thirty-eighth anniversary of Allende’s death, on Sept. 8, 2011, a private funeral was held for him following a exhumation in May which
had been held to determine if he committed suicide or was murdered by military
forces during the coup. The latest “official report” is that Allende indeed did
commit suicide as forces closed in on his presidential palace.

Calls for a coup had been heard in the (CIA manipulated)
Chilean media in the weeks leading up to 9/11/73, due to economic chaos being
promoted by international and rightist interests. Allende spoke strongly against such
unconstitutional measures.

"Some people say we need a coup to avert a civil
war," Allende said on September 10, 1973. "But in Chile there will be
neither a coup, nor a civil war!"

We know how that turned out.

Yesterday, thousands of Chileans marched in Santiago, the capital,
to mark the anniversary of that military coup. But the marches turned violent
as police used tear gas and water cannons on “hooded youths” and peaceful
marchers while they remembered the coup and student protests that also called
for “a return to free education.” It’s starting to feel like 1973 all over

Looking back on the reports coming out on September 11, 1973
and in the days and weeks afterward are interesting. On the day of the coup, the
UPI wire services reported that “Chile’s armed forces attacked the presidential
palace today to force Marxist President Salvador Allende out of office.”

The report noted that “(t)elecommunications with Chile were
reported severed in Santiago and the international airport closed to all
traffic.” Looking back, it’s amazing how all this information got to the UPI in
such short order.

All the while, the reports said the “armed forces” of the
military junta demanded that Allende immediately turn his office over to him.
And they also warned pro-Allende media outlets that they were to suspend their
activities “or face air and land punishment.”

Allende, cornered in his bombed-out presidential palace in
Santiago, as air raids and ground attacks took place all around him, was shot
and killed, officially a victim of suicide, although this explanation has been
long debated.

Allende  had been the “first
freely elected Marxist president” in the Western hemisphere, elected in 1970
and had seen his nation struggle as he implemented fairly harsh programs that
were economically damaging the once-prosperous country.

As for American involvement in the coup, plans had begun in
1972 where high-ranking military officers, fed up with the Allende government,
conspired with the CIA to “lay groundwork for the coup,” as reported in the UK Guardian.

Interestingly, more than a week after the coup, President
Richard M. Nixon’s national security advisor, Henry Kissinger, would also get
congressional approval to be Nixon’s Secretary of State. Clearly, Kissinger was
becoming a powerful force in Washington and it is long suspected he was
directly involved.

As leftist commentator and linguist Noam Chomsky wrote in a
piece last week, “9/11 – was there an alternative,” the Nixon administration
wanted to kill the “virus” that might encourage all those “foreigners (who) are
out to screw us” by taking over their own natural resources and pursue
independent development policies that may run counter to the American version
of how things should be. Kissinger had concluded that “if the US could not
control Latin America, it could not expect to achieve a successful order
elsewhere in the world.”

Nixon had already had his agents try to prevent Allende’s
election by supporting his opposition, people who were much friendlier to U.S.
interests. While still largely classified, Project FUBELT (aka Track II), had
been a secret CIA project that was implemented in hopes of preventing Allende
from being confirmed, while promoting the military coup route. It was
unsuccessful. Interestingly, highlights from the FUBELT documents were released
by the National Security Archive on September 11, 1998. There’s that date

In a September 16, 1973 recording of Kissinger and Nixon
talking about the Chilean coup, Kissinger laments that the leftist media is “bleeding
because a pro-Communist government has been overthrown.” Nixon, worried about the
CIA being exposed as taking part in the coup, asks Kissinger if “our hand” is
shown in the operation.

Replies Kissinger: “We didn't do it. I mean we helped them.
[garbled] created the conditions as great as possible.”

The thought was that something had to be done. Allende had
to be taken out and in Chile’s case, the only person to take control was Gen.
Augusto Pinochet, a man whose brutal regime in those Cold War years led to the
deaths of thousands and even inspired the excellent 1982 film Missing, about an American journalist in Chile who disappears in the bloody chaos following the coup and
his parents (played by Sissy Spacek and Jack Lemmon) try in vain to find him.

Not surprisingly, Pinochet banned the film from being aired in Chile. Interestingly, the US ambassador to Chile from 1970-73, when FUBELT and other covert CIA activities were brewing, a guy named Nathaniel Davis, sued Missing's director, Costa-Gavras, and Universal Studios for libel. Davis was never named in the film and the suit was dismissed.

Davis would feign ignorance when it came to knowledge of FUBELT or other CIA activities. He would acknowledge, however, that Washington had wanted to encourage "economic distress that might lead to political change."

Davis, who wrote the 1985 book The Last Two Years of Salvador Allende, died in May of this year at age 86.

Controversially, Chomsky says that Chile’s 9/11 was worse
that the American 9/11 because what happened to Allende in ’73 was the equivalent
of the White House being attacked and the president killed. And in the years to
follow, thousands of Chileans would die at the hands of the regime that our government supported. In fact, the official number, according to an AFP article headlined "Chile remembers Pinochet victims," a memorial was held "to commemorate the 3,225 victims of the late general's bloody 1973-1990 dictatorship." That's chillingly odd - that "right around 3,000" number in reference to victims and 9/11.

And, like the September 11th attacks, there is –
not surprisingly, it seems – a loose connection between Oklahoma and the 9/11/73 coup
in Chile.

As noted by Michael P. Wright, the truth activist and
researcher who died on OU’s campus on September 16, 2009 (36 years to the day
after the Kissinger and Nixon recording), he suspected that Edger, who served with
the CIA’s National Clandestine Service for 35 years and is both a political
science professor at OU and the chairman of the board of directors for the
Memorial Institute from the Prevention of Terrorism in Oklahoma City, Edger may
have had a role in the CIA operation in Chile.

Back in 2005, Wright wrote: “Of interest is that Edger was with the CIA in
Chile in 1973. This is reported by, which is operated by Public
Information Research, Inc. Go here and enter the name Edger at the name search:

In 1973, there was a military coup in Chile to overthrow the socialist
government of Salvador Allende. An interesting coincidence is found in the fact
that the presidential palace was bombed on September 11th of that year.

A book entitled September 11 and the
U.S. War
was written by Roger Burbach and Ben Clarke. On pages 55-56 they
discuss the 1973 coup in Chile. Additionally, they write about Operation
Condor, begun in 1974 at the instigation of the Chilean secret police (after
the coup against Allende). They call it "the first international terrorist
network in the Western Hemisphere" and said that it was involved in
"tracking, kidnapping, and assassinating political opponents" of the
Pinochet dictatorship. They continue:

“Based on documents recently divulged under the Chilean Declassification
Project of the Clinton administration, it is now recognized that the CIA knew
about these international terrorist activities and may have even abetted them.”

Concludes Wright: “David Edger may have very well had his hands in the
middle of terrorist schemes decades ago.”

Edger’s fingerprints continue to show up in connection to the ’73 9/11 and –
shockingly – the ’01 9/11.

And Ian Henshall, writing in his book 9/11
Revealed: The New Evidence
, notes Edger’s role as the CIA’s Berlin station
chief in Germany where he directed both military and civilian U.S. intelligence
programs” in Europe’s most populous country.

Referencing an article in The Norman
, Henshall notes that Edger, who had allegedly retired from the CIA
early in the summer of ’01 and came to OU as a visiting professor, had
confirmed he was monitoring the Hamburg terrorist cell that would allegedly go
to the U.S., learn how to fly airplanes and later crash them into building.

“In that case, we failed,” admitted Edger.

One wonders what Edger and his fellow spooks knew about Atta, Moussaoui (who
lived at OU) and the other bizarre links between 9/11 and Oklahoma (and
indirectly, Chile). What is Edger not telling us? Why do all these weird things
seem to happen in Oklahoma and not, say, Kansas or Nebraska?

Oklahoma City-based activist, writer and researcher Holland Van den
Nieuwenhof wrote in his hard-hitting 2006 article “Oklahoma: The Axis of Evil,”
that Edger – close to both OU President David Boren and former CIA Director
George Tenet – seems to “coincidentally” be linked to all sorts of
9/11-connected activities.

Wrote Van den Nieuwenhof at “David Edger made his bones at the
CIA in Chile, where on SEPTEMBER 11, 1973, he was present during the
CIA-sponsored coup of the democratically elected government of Salvador
Allende, and his subsequent murder. We can only guess at Edger’s role in that
affair. Edger was later present in Brazil during the CIA-supported war against
the urban guerrillas in that country. A proven case officer, in the
mid-nineties Edger was promoted to Deputy Director of Intelligence for the
Directorate of Operations, the covert action arm of the CIA. This is one of the
highest and secretive positions in the agency. Then, in an apparent demotion,
Edger went to Hamburg, Germany to be in charge of the CIA team monitoring an
al-Qaeda cell that included Mohammed Atta. Atta at this time had already been
identified as an al-Qaeda cell leader by DIA Task Force Able Danger. During
this time in Hamburg, Atta exchanged several phone calls with Zacharias Moussaoui,
and emailed several flight schools in the U.S. to ask about flight instruction.
One of the visitors to Atta’s apartment at this time was Khalid Shaikh
Mohammed, the uncle of convicted World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef and the
supposed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. Shaikh Mohammed had a bounty on his
head by the U.S. Government at this time, but still remained unmolested.

And Van den Nieuwenhof would continue to point out (as we noted earlier) that
in August 2001, in the weeks leading up to 9/11, Edger would suddenly show up
as “a visiting professor” (he is still there) thanks to his connection to
CIA-linked President Boren.

“Edger is described as the CIA Officer in Residence, NOT as a retired CIA
officer,” notes Van den Nieuwenhof. “We can only assume that he was still on
duty at the time, and may very well still be.”

Edger, who monitored the communications of Atta in
Germany to Moussaoui in the U.S., just happened to be present in Oklahoma, on
duty, when Atta, Moussaoui and at least one other hijacker held their fateful
meeting in Oklahoma City, at the same motel that McVeigh used prior to the OKC
bombing. The same motel that McVeigh was seen with several other Arab suspects
including Hussain al-Hussaini and Melvin Lattimore, both of whom later had
connections to 9/11.”

It is here we should remind readers of the explosive
information we reported (and revisited this week, here at Red Dirt Report) on regarding the sightings of Atta and other alleged
9/11 hijackers in the days before and after the 9/11 terror attacks. In fact,
one of the more bizarre sightings was that of Atta and “four cohorts” seen at the
Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum four days before 9/11.

Continuing with Van den Nieuwenhof’s five-year old article:
“A colleague of mine has sat in Edger’s class on terrorism at OU. Edger freely admitted to a variety of crimes
in the service of the National Security State, including fixing elections
overseas and inducing instability in foreign nations run by “bad guys.” He even
admitted to monitoring Mohammed Atta in Germany, but quickly undercut any
questions about this by adding that he had heard nothing of interest. Nothing
of interest indeed, at a time when Mohammed Atta and at least two other
hijackers were living in an apartment under CIA surveillance and were buying
chemicals for making explosives and one hijacker boasted of planning to attack
the World Trade Center and killing thousands of Americans.”

Red Dirt Report has requested comment from CIA Agent David Edger about his knowledge of what happened in Chile in 1973 and his role and also information about his time as station chief in Berlin, Germany leading up to his retirement from the Agency in 2001 and what he knew of the notorious "Hamburg cell."

Accused of all sorts of human rights abuses during his authoritarian reign, Pinochet would die in 2006, largely escaping justice.

In the meantime, let us remember the victims of 9/11 both here and in Chile and let us not forget the forces at play that helped bring about those unfortunate deaths.

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