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Tom Selleck in the 1981 "Magnum P.I." episode "All Roads Lead to Floyd."
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OKLAHOMA CITY – As I noted in my recent Dust Devil Dreams posts addressing Stranger Things 3, I highlighted how Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) has taken to sporting a moustache and Hawaiian shirt, looking like prime-time action/drama star of Magnum PI., Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck).

He is shown at home watching Magnum P.I. (first episode of first season – 1980-81) and having characters reference his Magnum-esque appearance.

I thought about that while watching the 13th episode of the first season of  Hawaii-set Magnum P.I., “All Roads Lead to Floyd,” which originally aired on March 12, 1981.

A young woman from Kansas, Cindy Llewellyn (Anne Bloom), has hired Magnum to find her father, Floyd Llewellyn (Rockford Files star Noah Beery), who is a low-level conman who has gotten in over his head with Japanese gangsters and KKK goons – the latter, whom he testified against and is now in witness protection.

Anyway, his scheme was to steal airline tickets from a travel agency – the curiously named “Time-Way Travel” agency in Honolulu – and sell them to the Japanese men. But the KKK is after Floyd too, as Magnum and Cindy finally track him down a Time-Way Travel.

It is there that Magnum is shown in several scenes (a still is featured as the main image in this post) where he is standing in front of a Continental Airlines poster promoting travel to New York City, with the Twin Towers dominating, and a small Statue of Liberty shown briefly at the bottom of the poster.

In fact, this poster seems to dominate the scene, almost more than Magnum himself. It was very odd.

In the following episode, “Adelaide,” Magnum is playing volleyball in a tournament at the King Kamehameha Club, and is sponsored by “Island Hoppers” helicopter tours, which is owned by his friend and fellow Vietnam War buddy TC (Roger E. Mosley). I thought about the name, “Island Hoppers” and how Magnum is now linked with Stranger Things character Chief Jim Hopper. I sensed that the Stranger Things creators, The Duffer Brothers, did this deliberately, knowing there would be a connection. But how?

And what of the September 11, 2001 connection with the Twin Towers poster? Well, before I get to that, I have to go back to something that happened yesterday. I was with my son at a barber shop while he got a haircut and the song “Goodbye Stranger” by Supertramp came on the store stereo. It was weird. The song seemed to suddenly be following me now that I had written about it here, in my “Goodbye stranger” post on July 11, 2019 (or, 7-Eleven, right?).

The barber, a woman named Irma, was cutting my son’s hair and I chuckle knowingly as “Goodbye Stranger” plays. I tell her I just wrote an article about the song and it is “following me around.” I mention that the song comes from the Supertramp album Breakfast in America and that is syncs with 9/11 because of the breakfast-spread of New York’s Manhattan island and how the U and P in “Supertramp” on the album cover are behind the “Twin Towers” and when shown in a mirror are “9 and 11.”

She was stunned by this. She then said, “Well, as it happens, my birthday is September 11th.” And she proceeded to tell me that she was getting ready for breakfast (“breakfast in America,” anyone?) when the news came of the Twin Towers being hit. It made for an awkward birthday, she said.

She then said she liked classic rock (she was nearly 20 when the song came out) like Supertramp and loved Steve Perry. That was strange, as I have a good friend who had been involved in a legal battle with Mr. Perry, which was just dropped last month.

She nodded. And then the next song was “Any Way You Want It” by Journey – Steve Perry’s old band – comes hot on the heels of “Goodbye Stranger.” We looked at each other in disbelief.

Anyway, it was just interesting, as the conversation swirled around 9/11. She added, with emphasis, "After that day, everything changed. Everything."

Later, I was researching Tom Selleck, and in a 2012 episode of Blue Bloods, where Selleck plays New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, and how they recall the 9/11 attacks and where they were that day. Interestingly, Blue Bloods was the first TV series allowed to film on the hallowed Ground Zero site.

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