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OKLAHOMA CITY – In last night’s dream I am once again in a coastal community, following some unknown calamity. But worse is to come, as young people in uniforms are seeking blood samples and information as they go from person-to-person in our shabby, coastal town.

In the sky are, as Neil Young sang all those years ago, “silver spaceships flying, in the yellow haze of the sun …” on “After the Gold Rush.” That song, as I wrote in my Oct. 23, 2013 Dust Devil Dream “Help! Jellied Edmondfish and eight(or more) arms to hold you,” was inspired by Dean Stockwell’s screenplay about a post-apocalyptic, UFO scenario: “… a Jungian self-discovery of the gnosis … it involved the Kabala (sic). It involved a lot of arcane stuff.”

Last night’s dream – a psychodrama of sorts - was very powerful. Lots of people. Lots of concern and confusion. And, like my “Oh mi corazon” post, the authoritarian power (like the fascist Empire in Star Wars) that seeks our information.

Darth Vader to Princess Leia: “You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!”

Darth Vader uses the much-feared IT-O Interrogator (noted in my recent “I’m hearin’ music from another time”). It is implemented in hopes of getting information from prisoners.

And in the aforementioned “Oh mi corazon” piece (synced with the “Oh mi Khorasan” and “From the bottom of the well” articles), the “white-colored, alien-operated ‘drones’ … act as ‘couriers’ that tag humans with information about the status of their DNA.” 

And with the near-panic sweeping the world about the ever-spreading Ebola virus, a film I often talk about - 1995's 12 Monkeys - I noted on July 30, 2014 (a little less than 2 months before Thomas Eric Duncan, aka "Patient Zero," achieved unfortunate notoriety as being the first Ebola victim to bring the disease unwittingly to the United States) I wrote:

"And as we consider the idea that 12 Monkeys is reentering the consciousness of TV viewers (Terry Gilliam's dystopian sci-fi film is being made into a TV series), at least as early as 2015 (Hello 2015!) one can't help but note that the current outbreak of Ebola is of great concern. In the film the virologist assistant, played by David Morse, steals a deadly virus and flies around the world, releasing it in different cities. The current concern (this was late July) is that Ebola-infected airline passengers will unwittingly infect others as they fly from place-to-place, spreading Ebola even further and resulting in a mass, deadly plague. An outbreak of the sort not witness in modern history."

And that, sadly, came to pass. The CDC and other government officials new it was a likely that just such a scenario would take place - and it did, as I predicted.

No one I talk to feels as though the federal government is doing much to prevent the spread of the disease. Mealy-mouthed, Orwellian bureaucrats like CDC toady Dr. Tom Frieden offers Statist Newspeak on all the talk shows, saying protecting America increases the threat and so forth. 

But then the dreams come. The ships sail and choices are made. As David Bowie's character FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries says to the startled G-men in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me: "We live inside a dream."

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