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Marshall Islands nuke claims are "speculative" says U.S. judge in ruling; appeal planned

Photo via New Zealand Herald
Dr Robert Conard examines Rongelapese boy Hiroshi Kebenli in March, 1954. Hiroshi died when he was a teenager.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – While not surprising, it was revealed Friday that a U.S. judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Marshall Islands against the United States which accused Washington of failing in its obligation to negotiate nuclear disarmament, reported Reuters.

U.S. Federal Court Judge Jeffrey White “dismissed the suit on Tuesday on grounds that the harm caused by the U.S. breach of the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) was ‘speculative.’ The court added that “compelling (the U.S.) to negotiate disarmament wound not redress any harm to the Marshall Islands.”

Essentially, the brave Marshallese stood up to the U.S. and eight other nuclear powers and asked them to enter into negotiations for nuclear disarmament, as required by the 1968 NPT.

And while this is a blow, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation announced that it would be appealing Judge White’s rulng.

Last spring, Red Dirt Report was one of the few regional news outlets to highlight the important efforts made by the tiny Pacific republic. We have also called for full nuclear disarmament worldwide and ultimately a "nuke-free planet."

But we know that "Big Nuke" is very powerful around the globe. The fact that the scientific community continues to be dishonest about the adverse effects the ongoing Fukushima nuclear catastrophe is having on Pacific marine life is absolutely outrageous and a crime against the Earth. And yet Japan is on track to restart a nuclear reactor in June, despite protests and concerns.

In a piece we wrote in 2013, “The legacy of radiation exposure on the Marshallese is a dark chapter in American history. It is one that has yet to be fully exposed and many Marshallese still suffer from the atomic-bomb tests conducted in the Marshall Islands” in the 1940’s and 1950’s. And it's no secret that the racist U.S. military viewed the Marshallese as little more than "guinea pigs," as a recent documentary (suppressed by PBS) has proven.

The most damaging test was the infamous March 1, 1954 “Castle Bravo” test on Bikini Atoll. This 15-megaton hydrogen bomb test was incredibly devastating and the radioactive fallout injured many in its path.

Judge White may say the claims by the Marshallese are "speculative." We say the claims are right on target and that this matter continues to be America's shame.

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