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SWEET TREATS: Butterbites offers a complete range of all-natural treats for dogs and cats

Photo courtesy Butterbites Pet Bakery
Some dog will love this delicious and healthy Butterbites Pet Bakery cake!
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OKLAHOMA CITY — Debbie Anne Burgess has always had a passion for baking goodies. During the holidays, she would make “thousands” of cookies for friends and family, but it wasn’t until she retired and spent more time with her aging pup that her love of creating and crafting fresh baked treats took on a whole new purpose.

“I had a dog was a senior dog and she wasn’t able to eat anything at the stores, because they were too hard for her to chew,” Burgess said. “I’d always want to treat her, but she just couldn’t eat them. I found a recipe for a baked cookie for dogs and I made them, and then I gave them to some friends’ dogs and they were like “You have to do this for a business!” So I took my love of animals and my love of baking and combined them.”

With news in recent years about commercial, store-bought dog and cat treats that have poisoned and, ultimately, killed numerous pets due to tainted ingredients, Burgess thought that providing all-natural, nutritious pet treats made from locally-sourced foods might make for a great “niche market,” especially in Oklahoma City. She was right; the response, according to her, has been overwhelmingly “sensational.”

(Photo courtesy Butterbites Pet Bakery)

“I saw an ad for Milkbone and just noticed all of the preservatives in it,” Burgess said. “I’ve become very health-conscious in my own life, because I have really bad rheumatoid arthritis, and a lot of that is caused by preservatives and yeasts and the chemicals we’re putting in our bodies, creating these problems. Then I started to hear stories from my friends about their dogs and how they have similar arthritis, or hip dysplasia, and realized most of this is tied to these preservatives and sugars…it’s just not good for animals. They’re not meant to have them.”

Open for almost two years now, the Butterbites Gourmet Pet Bakery originally became popular at local farmer’s markets and various festivals around town. But, with demand consistently growing, she invested her retirement in a larger kitchen area and on-site store at 311. S. Klein, Building D, Unit C.

This space has allowed her to not only increase productivity, but experiment with more food combinations both health and taste-wise, coming up with new recipes that loads up on “essential vitamins and minerals dogs need that they don’t get in a regular food plan,” all for an affordable price. Popular flavor combinations include pumpkin, bacon and peanut butter, garden fresh green beans and liver, and sweet potato and chicken bites.

This is especially helpful now that summer here and, frustratingly, flea and ticks season is back with a vengeance. One of Butterbites most popular recent creations is a chemical-free flea and tick prevention tablet and cookie that is far more cost effective than chemical treatments, as well as safer for dogs with sensitive areas that can cause “hot spots” when applied to the skin.

Your pet will be so happy with treats from Butterbites Pet Bakery. (Photo provided)

“There are absolutely no chemicals in these at all,” Burgess said. “I tell people that if their dog gets fleas or ticks while taking these tablets, I’ll give you your money back. I have a proven, unique formula that uses coconut oil and is scientifically measured out to the poundage. They actually give your dog so much more than whatever chemical treatment people will typically give their dogs. People will be surprised by how much healthier their dog will become with the right treatments and nutrition!”

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