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Birthing center offers warm atmosphere to expectant mothers

Edmond Birthing Center
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EDMOND, OKLA- The grand opening of the Edmond Birthing Center took place June 10 at their new location, located 14901 N Kelley Ave #102,

As I entered the building, I was immediately struck with how the center pulled out all the stops to make this location as beautiful, comfortable and considerate as possible. The foyer is big and spacious with multiple seats and places for a child to play. The vibrant but calming colors made the room feel like a luxuriously decorated home. I walked around a spacious foyer and classroom filled with various vendors excited to talk to customers about their products, all of which are aimed to make the transition into parenthood as comfortable and exciting as possible.

On the tour, I discovered the first room - a narrow storage room used as a milk bank for a mother wanting to donate breast milk and encapsulating placenta on site. I am reminded of the blood drives the center does with the Oklahoma Blood Institute in addition to the variety of classes that are taking place in the facility, not just for expectant and new mothers and their families, but also for the community, something that is important to owner Meghan Nguyen.  

 I was able to see one of the birthing rooms, still under renovation. Each room had its own unique style and atmosphere. In stark contrast to hospital rooms laden with machines and metal beds, one room was calm and spa-like while the other was vibrant and pretty with all medical equipment hidden.The deep and wide tubs in each room were impressive and are able to fit almost any sized mother comfortably. The largest tub can fit an entire family. Yet the tubs do not dominate the spacious rooms, which have their own bathroom and private walk-in shower.

As I come around the corner, I see a large up-to-date kitchen where mothers are encouraged to snack during labor, another big difference from hospitals where mothers are not usually allowed any food. Family members are also able to prepare food while supporting a loved one at the center. Though room service is not offered, mothers are not usually at the center for more that 6 to 8 hours. The center also has a library resource center dedicated to those wanting to further their education.

The Edmond Birthing Center is modernizing maternity care in Oklahoma City. The center empowers women to take charge of their bodies and births and gives them an alternative to the rigid rules of hospital births. In addition, the center is impacting the community by providing resources, charity work and volunteer work and the opportunity to further education. The center is currently taking clients and providing multiple classes for new and expecting mothers, many of them being free. For more information, visit

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