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New book on alleged Roswell "saucer crash" controversy points to far more sinister secrets

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BOOK REVIEW: The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing a Shocking and Sinister Secret by Nick Redfern (Lisa Hagan Books) 2017

Shortly before reading Nick Redfern’s latest book on the 1947 “Roswell Incident,” long presumed to have involved aliens and/or alien technology, the local newspaper featured an article headlined “In Roswell, come for the UFOs, but stay for the rest.”

In what is essentially a light-hearted travel piece, the writer goes on to incorporate the usual goofy/campy side of the alleged Roswell flying saucer crash and the history involging “bits of debris” found on a ranch, far out in the desert (“the argument is still going on”) but notes that with the 70th anniversary of the crash happening in July, head on down for the alien-themed festivities at the annual UFO Festival from June 29th through July 2nd.

Campy clipping on Roswell alien festival in local newspaper. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

Yeah. Sounds fun. And business is brisk. But is the celebration really just a way to lure folks to the dusty burg in southeastern New Mexico every summer? What if what they are celebrating surrounded something far darker, more sinister and more … terrestrial?

Well, after reading Redfern’s controversial Body Snatchers in the Desert over a decade ago, the prolific, Texas-based writer has returned with a sequel of sorts, reminding readers – skeptics and believers alike – that what happened that strange summer of 1947 was likely part of a secret government project – tests that took place in New Mexico and linked to nearby Fort Stanton and White Sands Proving Ground (White Sands Missile Range), where the Trinity atomic bomb test took place in July 1945.

In the introduction to the book, Redfern writes: “When it comes to the issue of what really happened on what was once known as the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico in early July 1947, there are things we know, things we suspect, and things we will probably never know.”

Indeed. But I think we're a helluva lot closer to truth with this book than with any of the other fanciful and theoretical (and/or overtly disinfo-oriented) Roswell books making the rounds, or collecting dust in local libraries.

Redfern, being the punk-rock guy that he is, is not one to be obsequious to authority. He just wants the truth and wants to share it with the rest of us. His findings are, indeed, “shocking,” in that it points a finger – drenched in the blood of the innocent – right back at us – or should I say “U.S.” In those post-war years, some downright evil things were done in the name of maintaining global hegemony, in the face of a Cold War foe who was thought to be doing far worse things. Just watch Dr. Strangelove.

One of the more compelling chapters in the book involved Redfern’s late friend Kathy Kasten. In the early 1990’s, Kasten was doing pretty much the same thing, investigating the Roswell Incident, which at that time was truly gripping the national consciousness as the 50th anniversary of the “crash” approached.

As a self-described “empirical data collector,” Kasten kept an open mind and, after her death, her papers revealed that she was visited – likely via the process of “remote viewing” – by so-called “Silent Partners” (men and women who did not ‘reside in the same space/time continuum’) who were sending her information about how Fort Stanton – located near the infamous Foster Ranch, site of the alleged saucer crash – was where the mystery “began and ended.” Redfern owes a lot to Kasten's research, which included a lot about the secret "mind control" experiments and other dark activities our government engaged in during those more "trusting" times.

As the author notes, it was at New Mexico's Fort Stanton, originally constructed to protect settlements in the area during the “Apache Wars” of the mid-19th century, that “enemy aliens" were held during World War II, many of whom were of Japanese descent. Life would turn into a living hell for more than a few of them. And the Fort Stanton graveyard is evidence of that.

The so-called “aliens” noted by those who witnessed the high strangeness unfolding in July ’47 may have meant “aliens” in a different way than is more commonly used today. And the small, distorted-looking bodies? Well, Redfern gets into that too – and if true, is quite damning toward our government, when you get down to it, particularly since crazed, murderous scientists – some who still swore secret allegiance to Hitler and the Third Reich – were allowed to do just about anything, especially as the Cold War marched on and documents were made to magically disappear during the 1945-51 time period. And "Roswell" was only in '47. Seems as though the government was covering its bases for far more than anything involving so-called alien saucers. 

I don’t want to give too much away here, but believe me, you won’t put this one down, from the first page to the last.

In the 15 or so years that I’ve been reading Redfern’s books, I’ve never known him to be a bullshitter. While he boldly writes about topics most academics and researchers avoid like the plague, Redfern investigates with courageous relish. And to top it off, Redfern is as intellectually honest as they come.

He understands that feeding at the trough of “Roswell is evidence of E.T.” can be a veritable “dead end,” especially if you have devoted your Ufological career to promoting  the Roswell mystery as akin to Captain Ahab’s fanaticism regarding Moby Dick. And we all know how that ended.

What Redfern has done here is important. It’s a well-researched, sensible and easy read, for the most part and dares to pop the (Japanese, MOGUL, weather, what-have-you) balloons of what he calls “St. Roswell.”

For many in Ufology, Roswell is a sacred cow. The crux of the whole alien mystery and continued obfuscation by the Air Force and other government agencies.

For Redfern, however, if the truth leads you to a tasty hamburger, feast on, y’all … feast on!

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