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BOOK REVIEW: "Discovering Your Past Lives" by Gloria Chadwick

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BOOK REVIEW: Discovering Your Past Lives by Gloria Chadwick (McGraw-Hill Education) 1987

There are two parts in this book. First is the explanation and interesting facts about your past lives such as - among other things - the meaning of birthmarks, the three types of a soulmate and how the clothes we wear can reflect our past life.

And secondly, step-by-step exercises of meditations and self-hypnosis to explore your inner self and therefore explore your various past lives. Although it was difficult to experiment the different exercises as there is no audio available with the book for self-hypnosis, the book has the merit to propose an approach global on the matter of past life, karma and reincarnation.

If you don’t have the courage to practice all the step-by-step exercises proposed in this 30-year-old book (such as myself), the author, Gloria Chadwick wrote that anyone can easily find traces of past lives reminiscence by looking at your behavior and personality traits that one can have since its youngest age.

And by checking myself I found some interesting traits, such as hating injustice. I remember that when I was a kid I was always protecting the weaker from bullies. I also had this image where I was riding a horse doing a cavalry charge against an unknown enemy. This feeling to fight against a bigger enemy, a desperate fight that I couldn’t win trying to protect the one I loved. Just writing these sentences I can already feel the emotions going trough my body, giving me goosebumps.

You can imagine what my feeling was when I watched for the first time the Rohirrim desperate cavalry charge against the much bigger Sauron’s army in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King or when I saw John Carter charging against an entire army to protect a mother and her son in the movie John Carter.

Does that mean I have lived a similar experience in a past life? Maybe. Or is it the just a figment born of my imagination due to the accumulation of all of these books and movies I saw since I am a kid? Difficult to know true north.

But the question that I have after reading Discovering Your Past Lives is why try to remember your past life? If it was really necessary, why we don’t directly remember our past life? Why it is hidden in our subconscious?

I may have the beginning of a reply. What will be your reaction knowing that your actual partner killed you in a previous life? Or that your child was your wife in a past life? Or if you knew you were Hitler in a past life, how will you react? That means instead of judging and appreciating someone in function of what he is in this life, we will start to judge people in function of who they were before.

Perhaps the reason we don’t remember our past lives is so we spend more time focusing on our present life.

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