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HEAVY NEDAL: The Ned Flanders tribute band Okilly Dokilly is seriously-deliriously about funny music

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PHOENIX, Arizona — D’oh! With a concept that would surely cause Homer Simpson to grumble under his breath, the viral sensation Okilly Dokilly might hit the stage with some of the most hellacious metal riffs on Earth, but when it’s coming from a handful of guys dressed as Ned Flanders, it’s pure pop-culture heaven for Simpsons fanatics.

Describing themselves as the world’s only “Nedal” band—Ned Flanders-inspired metal, that is—lead singer Head Ned recalls how the band originally got started as a joke that has seemingly since “got out of hand.”

Me and my drummer were just joking around, imagining this concept of the heaviest metal band you can think of, but with the goofiest name,” Ned said. “We’re just throwing names out there and Okilly Dokilly came up and the joke just expanded from there: what if the lead singer dressed like Ned Flanders, what if every member dressed like Ned Flanders…basically just take the heaviest band you can think of and put it in some kind of fusion chamber with the Ned Flanders character and that’s our entire band.”

Using the “irony and juxtaposition” of one of the friendliest characters on television taking part in this highly-aggressive music, Okilly Dokilly’s debut album Howdilly Doodilly, featuring tunes such as “White Wine Spritzer,” “Flanderdoodles” and “More Animal Than Flan,” delves deep into the history and, more importantly, psyche, of Flanders, recalling episodes such as “Hurricane Neddy” wherein the sainted animated character finally reaches his breaking point and explodes in a torrent of anger.

Okilly Dokilly is the musical expression of Ned’s inner rage building over thirty seasons of being so pleasant,” Ned added.

That pleasantness ends as the fellas kick off their Death to False Nedal tour at 89th Street, 8911 N. Western Ave., on Friday, June 30th at 7 p.m. Okie bands Obscure Sanity and Understanding Eris will be opening the show, which Okilly Dokilly promises will be one of the most “high energy” and “unique” concerts both music-fans and Simpson-lovers can see live, at least until they are served with a “cease and desist” letter.

“The more brushed-up on The Simpsons you are, the more you’ll get some of the jokes that are thrown out there from the stage,” Ned said. “My attention span is really short and, a lot of times, when I go out to shows, even if it’s a band I really enjoy, they’re just kind of playing the music and that’s all they got, but what I think brings people out to our show is that there are so many goofy things going on. It’s such a different atmosphere because it’s filled with a lot of people who aren’t used to going to shows. A lot of people come out for the first time because they saw us on the internet. It’s quite the experience.”


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