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"Posters for Peace" exhibit coming to OSU-Stillwater in September

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- In recent decades, political posters have featured prominently in a variety of situations and the growth of social media has allowed their creators to share them with people and organizations around the world.

The students who agitated for greater political reforms in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in the Peoples Republic of China often set forth their demands on posters that were featured on newscasts that were widely circulated in 1989.

And images of those posters being demolished by tanks as the Communist Chinese government crushed the protest movement can now be found in a variety of settings.

Let us remember the George W. Bush administration’s bungled response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which was often referenced and ridiculed in images featured on pieces of cardboard that were attached to refrigerators and freezers in New Orleans, Louisiana. These images were placed in front of homes where they waited patiently to be picked up in accordance with a directive issued by FEMA.

Next month, as part of a coordinated effort, a series of posters will be put on display in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Teheran Iran as part of an effort to create better understanding between the U.S. and Iran.

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University, Pouya Jahanshahi, recently explained that the undertaking has been titled “ 20 x 20 Posters For Peace” in recognition of the United Nations Day for Peace, Sept. 21, 2017, and that the posters will be shown at the Bartlett Gallery on the OSU Campus and the Qasr Gallery in Teheran, Iran, from Sept. 7-28.

The display will feature 20 posters created by Iranian graphic designers and twenty done by international graphic designers.

The event on the OSU campus will include a reception and a lecture by renowned Iranian graphic designer Parissa Tashakori at the Bartlett Gallery on Wednesday, September 20 th , at 5:30 P.M. who will offer a workshop on the following day called “Posters as an expressive medium.”

Jahanshahi also said that he will be conducting tours of the exhibit and that there will be no cost for admission to the gallery.

International students have been part of OSU’s student body since its founding, and their presence has resulted in the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is part of Stillwater that includes food trucks that dispense Korean fare and Indian teas, cricket tournaments, and the sizable number of immigrants who now reside there.

Jahanshahi also told Red Dirt Report that he believes that the “20 x 20 Posters For Peace” exhibit will bring to both OSU and Stillwater greater interest in an understanding of Iran and its people.

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