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Court doc claims Illuminati, owner of "The Oklahoman" involved in Aurora massacre conspiracy
Will the real shooter please stand up?
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By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor

Posted: September 7, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY – It was one month ago that the body of Jennifer “Jenny” Gallagher, 46, was found under a dock at West Okoboji Lake in Dickinson County, Iowa.

Why is this noteworthy? Gallagher was one of the nurses working in the University of Colorado Hospital’s neurological intensive care unit on the night of the July 20th “Batman massacre” in Theatre No. 9 in the Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.

Alleged gunman James Eagan Holmes remains in jail in Colorado on multiple first-degree murder charges, allegedly having murdered 12 people and wounding 58 others.

Gallagher, who worked heroically to save a lot of those injured in the gunfire would meet President Barack Obama a few days later. And roughly two weeks after that – Irish native, Denver-based Jenny Gallagher, on a carefree vacation, was dead. Why? A mere accident? To us, it smells more like Gallagher may have been met with foul play.

To learn more about that, we point you to the investigative reporting by The End Run blog. What did Gallagher see? What did she hear? Curious that she was found in a lake that was linked to The X-Files UFO abduction episode "Conduit," which took place at the same Iowa lake. She was very athletic but a poor swimmer?

But outside the spotlight of this shooting mystery are some issues that beg further investigation. Many are asking if Holmes was truly the gunman. And now, the media in Denver, Colorado are addressing that question as well, in pretty much their expected, snarky “Ha! Look at the freaks!” fashion, as they did in their piece on the Denver International Airport conspiracy.

Stumbling over to the (Denver) Westword alternative weekly website this morning, Red Dirt Report was struck by the top story – “Aurora theater shooting: Bizarre court filing blames massacre on police chief, Illuminati.”

Say what? Illuminati? Seriously?

Yes, according to today’s story in Westword (which has been fearlessly covering the more unusual stories coming out of this whole (or rabbit hole) “Aurora Gory Alice” (apologies to Letters to Cleo – a great Boston rock band that was big in the 1990’s that was featured covering the Cars’ “Dangerous Type” on the soundtrack of the teen witch film The Craft).

The person who filed it – who is assumedly a woman – submitted the filing on August 27th in Arapahoe County, Colorado District Court. The name was redacted, but the mystery “witness” claims that “newly discovered withheld evidence” needs to be considered and that James Holmes is innocent and should be immediately released.

The court filer says Holmes is being framed by Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates, Denver billionaire and media magnate (and new owner of The Oklahoman) Philip Anschutz and “the Illuminati.”

Wild, you say? Well, considering the strange events, cover-ups and “coincidences” connected to this “Red Dawn” event, as Twilight Language’s Loren Coleman has noted. Don't forget to look for a remake of Red Dawn, coming to a theatre near you.

In the court filing, the person claims that Chief Oates and District Attorney Carol Chambers came to her house and told her that they were going to charge her with “online prostitution and escort services and charity fraud and to make a deal with them to pretend I was a victim in the case.”

Shockingly, the person writes that Chief Oates then shot her in a part of her body that “was not life threatening.”

It’s a bizarre claim, for sure. But in light of the strange things surrounding both Aurora and the Jared Lee Loughner case and the massacre in suburban Tucson, Arizona in January 2011, where it was believed actors were used, it’s not too far of a stretch for some.

Meanwhile, the judge overseeing the case, Judge William Sylvester, responded to the motion to intervene by writing that the Court “has information that the named victim … did not file this pleading, and it appears that someone may be filing pleadings with false names.”

Judge Sylvester also says that even though they think the person – “someone” – is filing fraudulent pleadings, he still won’t rule on the motion because it is illegitimate and that he wants Arapahoe County Department of Human Service Adult Protection Services to go after this filer and refer them to the “appropriate mental health agency.”

James Holmes, of course, was seeing a psychiatrist. We know that the government likes to silence critics by throwing them in mental hospitals. Note the outrageous case of Brandon Raub this past month. More and more people suspect James Holmes (and Jared Lee Loughner, for that matter) are innocent, mere patsies in a greater conspiracy, with an as-yet-unknown agenda.

We should also remind readers that the city of Centennial and Arapahoe County, Colorado is not a place immune from bizarre behavior by its officials.

Earlier this year, former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan pleaded guilty in a shocking “meth-for-sex” case and served jail time, as reported by The Denver Post.

We should also note that we stumbled on to this Westword story while watching the John Sayles political "dramedy" Silver City, which takes place in Colorado and in the opening scene involves a dead body being "hooked" on a fishing line in "Arapahoe Lake." We had popped in Silver City as President Obama left the stage at the Democratic National Convention and popped on over to the Pueblo Chieftain news website and noticed a story saying Philip Anschutz was looking to buy the Colorado Springs Gazette, as he had purchased The Oklahoman. Coincidence?

Anyway, is the Arapahoe County District Court filer and victim in grave danger, now that this court filing has named names -powerful names? We are afraid so. Many may scoff at the idea of the nefarious, secretive "Illuminati," but that could be a name covering for the real name of the group that was likely orchestrating the Aurora - and other mass shootings in recent months.

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