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POSTMATES: Does the new OKC food delivery service live up to the hype?

Postmates allows users to track their food orders in real time, a real plus when ordering at 3 in the morning.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Bad news for shut-ins who are one step away from death: Postmates, the food delivery service that made headlines a few months ago for partnering with Taco Bell, has finally hit Oklahoma City, bringing food from metro eateries as diverse as Sushi Neko and Ingrid’s to Chili’s and Popeye’s, right to the front door.

Coming home very late one evening from a hosting gig, I thought I had thawed out a bowl of Choctaw hominy stew I made a few days ago, but, alas, in my rush to leave, I plum forgot. With most of the area pizza joints closed by now, the only thing I knew that was surely open was McDonald’s. But good God did I not want to drive out there.

Enter Postmates. Having had bad experiences with other local food delivery services before, I was apprehensive about ordering from yet another one, mostly because of those always-present strange additional fees that suddenly get tacked on to a $10 order, sometimes bringing the bill up to almost $30.

What I immediately appreciated most about Postmates website was the clarity of what was available and what wasn’t. No need to search around and get excited, only to then deflate when my selection comes up as “unavailable.” While limited, the menus are clear and concise and offer the most popular of items at what feels like a typical standard item price.

Big Mac meal with fries, a couple of cheap cheeseburgers and an unsweetened iced tea ordered, the total came to $9.20, with a $7.75 delivery charge. Luckily, first-time users can plug in a promo code that takes the delivery charge off, bringing to total order with tax to a cool $10. That’s pretty comparable to driving out there to NW 23rd and Robinson, the closet Mickey D’s to my house.

What I liked best about Postmates was that you are given every bit of info about your order, right down to tracking. I knew who was picking up and delivering my food, I knew where he was at all times and I had an incredibly specific delivery time. Sorry, but at three in the morning, those things kind of matter.

After about a 30 to 35 minute wait, my Big Mac was delivered right on schedule by a friendly-enough driver, handling the parcel with care. Order checked for accuracy, I have to say that Postmates was the first local food delivery service I’ve been impressed with. When I checked my emailed invoice, there were no surprise fees, no constant emails for feedback, no ongoing days of spam—it was just a quick and easy transaction that was most appreciated.

Located at, the service has gone on to add grocery delivery from their own general store, items from Walgreens, and, sweetly enough, Hershey’s Halloween candy, on-demand. Whether eating alone by yourself in the middle of the night or needing a hefty order for family movie night, Postmates is a pretty darn good service that is convenient and easy and will be definitely used again, even if it is another nail in my wannabe-hermitage coffin.

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