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INSOMNIA COOKIES: No sleep ‘till cookies

Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report
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OKLAHOMA CITY – How many times have you been working on articles late into the night and looked over at the clock and, darn it, it’s almost 2 a.m. and those fourth meals cravings are coming hard and coming fast? And when it’s that late, let’s be honest: those cravings are in need of something sugary and chocolatey and possibly peanut buttery…wouldn’t some fresh-baked cookies really hit that sweet spot right about now?

In the past, you’d either have to make due with a couple of stale Oreos or, God forbid, get that Toll House loaf out of the freezer and make them yourself, if you can even stay awake that long. That’s why I can’t recommend the newest sweet shop in the Metro, the recently opened Insomnia Cookies, enough. Offering a comically wide array of fresh baked goods until 3 a.m. and, get this, for delivery(!), Insomnia is the ultimate sweet-toothed Godsend for the writer, the student, the night-owl and the, well, insomniac.

Located at 1131 N. Walker Ave., it’s hard not to feel a bit like Charlie Bucket entering Wonka’s factory when first walking in, all of those sweet scents coming together all at once, the mixtures of cocoa and oatmeal and peanuts and quite possibly even snozzberries tempting the first timer to try everything all at once, which, what the heck, let’s get a sampler pack and see if these babies are as good as they smell…

And of course they are. Loaded with just about every cookie on the menu (and a couple of milks to boot, natch), the heat from each one of these little darlings just radiated from the box, fresh from the oven and still hot to the touch. While it was hard to decide which cookie to try first, my partner went ahead and started with half of the double mint chocolate chip—normally I’m not a fan of mint, but the way they included it here was subtle and simple and  unassumingly winterfresh. What a great start!

We followed that up by sharing the absolutely dripping in chocolate gunk Deluxe Triple Chocolate Crunch and Deluxe Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup in rapid succession, those ooey-gooey blocks of sweet chocolate and peanut butter just avalanching into every crevice when we broke those ever so soft circles into halves. Can I just come right out and say, apart from homemade cookies made by old ladies, these are the next best things I ever had?

Sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia, and, my personal favorite, M&Ms, I could tell these were going to be the ultimate pick me up the next time writer’s block hits ‘round midnight like it usually does. I just might need more milk, though. A lot more milk.

Besides these cookies, Insomnia also offers fresh-baked brownies, cookie cakes, cookie ‘wichs, and ice cream that, for an extra charge, can be topped on whatever you want. And while these things should probably come with a Surgeon General’s warning regarding moderation and whatnot, oh well, what a sweet way to go!

Photos by Red Dirt Report's Louis Fowler

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