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FOOD REVIEW: Picasso Cafe

Liz Burleson / Red Dirt Report
Hungry? Paseo District's Picasso Cafe has what you are looking for.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – At Picasso Café, in Oklahoma City’s Paseo District, they say that “Great food is art.”

And we would have to agree with that statement. When properly prepared and made right, great food does incorporate an artistic quality.

So, it should be no surprise that Picasso Café lives up to their motto.

Recently, on an icy and cloudy day, RDR photographer Liz Burleson and I ventured over to Picasso Café seeking a good meal to enjoy and write about.

Open now for nearly four years and nestled in a welcoming corner of the Paseo’s engaging arts area, Picasso Café caters to lunch and dinner crowds and has a well-stocked bar. I had been before, to see some wacky band a couple of years ago but had not been back in a while. I was ready for a surprise.

As we sat and waited for our order, we dug the music playing over the restaurant’s sound system. Not too loud, but loud enough to give an added energy to the place.

Our server was a friendly woman who recommended the bar’s Bloody Mary, along with our waters. Solid choice of tomato juice, vodka and special spices that opened up the ol’ nostrils, while the mouth of the glass was caked in salt. A fine cocktail to go with our order – the vegan pizza.

But before our vegan pizza came out, our order of the spinach, hummus and tapenade trio came to the table.

“I love the pita bread,” Liz said. “It’s not thick and crunchy. It’s doughy and warm and has a ‘home-cooked’ quality to it.”

The hummus, she said, had a “good, tangy quality,” as well. I agreed.

The red pepper, that came with it, was not as sweet as we were hoping and it was cold, which we presumed was how it was supposed to be served.

It also came with a spinach and artichoke dip that was, as Liz put it, “fantastic.” The olive tapenade, she added, was also quite good and “very juicy.”

And while I’m a meat eater and Liz is vegetarian, we decided to take a chance on the Vegan Pizza the restaurant offered. Of course that meant that it would have no cheese on it, and for me, that is perfectly fine, although we both weren’t sure what to expect. The menu described it as have a garlic puree and marinara with roma tomatoes, onions and basil chiffonade.

When the 12-inch pizza arrived, with big slices of tomato and onion and sauce, I knew we were in for a treat. Upon my first bite, the fresh tomato burst in my mouth, a flavor sensation that is a rarity with most pizzas I’ve had recently. This was outstanding. As Liz noted (she was thoroughly enjoying her slice as well), the flavor was “evocative of tomato soup,” indeed, apropos on a frosty, overcast day such as this one.

The vegetables were not overcooked and therefore had a flavorful freshness that stayed with you.

We consumed most of the pizza as people near us laughed and talked and broke bread together. All in all it was a very inviting restaurant with a great selection of lunch items and more.

“I definitely would get it again,” Liz said of the Picasso Café’s Vegan Pizza.

I couldn’t agree more. 

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