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DISTRICT HOUSE: This House is home to more than just coffee

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The ruben ($5.00) is the absolute best item on the menu, the buttered telera roll mingling perfectly with the hot corn beef, sauerkraut, provolone and their mouth-watering house thousand islands dressing.
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OKLAHOMA CITY - When I wrote a profile on District House here last week, the latest addition to the ever-growing, always-bustling Plaza District, I made mention of how even though it’s primarily labeled as a coffee-shop, offering numerous specialty coffee and tea drinks for the confirmed caffeine addict, it’s also becoming a popular lunchtime destination, delivering quick and easy hot deli sandwiches to hungry Plazonians tired of pizza and the like.

A closer examination of the menu, however, shows that House’s goal is much deeper than that. Besides the aforementioned deli works, there’s also a booming breakfast menu and plenty of sweets and treats that will cater to anyone needing a gourmet sugar fix.

The street-parking is usually pretty easy going along 16th, so finding the place, 1755 NW 16th, isn’t a strain. The sign outside does a good job of announcing whatever specials are on tap and there’s rarely a line.

Right off the bat, I think what makes the House’s sandwiches so special is the bread they use: artisan telera rolls, buttered and toasted, with a great mixture of chewy goodness and toasted freshness, all coated in the perfect amount of flavorful butter. It makes for a mouthwatering delight when used in conjunction with the bacon, egg and pepperjack cheese in their breakfast sandwich ($5.00). It kicks the ass of anything that their fast-food competitors can come up with, leaving the diner twice as satisfied.

I’m told that their most popular pairing with the breakfast sandwich is their signature made-to-order latte—made from premium Topeca Coffee—but not being any type of coffee drinker in the slightest, I’ll have to take their word for it. I’ll take a Mexican Coke ($1.75) please.

The lunch menu is pretty diverse, with sandwiches ranging from homegrown classics like ham and cheese and spicy turkey to the real above-the-board standouts, their ruben and vegetarian selections. The ruben ($5.00) is the absolute best item on the menu, the buttered telera roll mingling perfectly with the hot corn beef, sauerkraut, provolone and their mouth-watering house thousand islands dressing. It’s probably the best ruben I’ve had this side of New York City, no lie. It’s become my definite go-to and the first item any DH newbie needs to try first.

The inventive and original vegetarian sandwich ($5.00), however, is a bit more of an acquired taste, with the creamy hummus being quickly overpowered by the saltiness of the plentiful olives. If you’re already used to things like this through years of veggie-loving living, you might dig it, but it’s just not for me. Still, at least they’re trying to please the non-meat eaters, which is a definite rarity.

(Also, all sandwiches are served with single-sized portions of pickle slices and potato salad or cottage cheese and fruit. They’re serviceable-enough sides that complement the meal just fine.)

Speaking of special tastes, for dessert, why not try the vegan chocolate chip cookie ($1.25)? I swear that I can’t tell the difference between this and a regular one. Brought in from a local bakery, it’s enough to make you want to change your lifestyle, if only for the advancements in sweet-tooth-based culinary sciences.

My only real complaint with District House isn’t a culinary jab, but more of an atmospheric suggestion: with such a huge open space that allows for plenty of people to gather and converse, discuss business plans or to just study for the big test, the repetitive overhead music tends to be a bit overpowering. Turning it down quite a bit would help a lot and be a nice atmospheric improvement, I feel.

Within only a few months of being in business, District House has become more than just a house—it’s the new home for community and commodity in the Plaza District and, by proxy, has become the perfect daily lunch destination and invaluable kaffeeklatch hangout.

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