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COWBOY CHICKEN: Yippee ki-yay, rotisserie-clucker!

Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report
The newly-opened Cowboy Chicken at 13801 N. Penn in OKC.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Listen up, hoss: there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s serving up mouthwatering wood-fired rotisserie chicken by the spit! After a year or so since announcing, the Dallas-based eatery Cowboy Chicken has officially moseyed on into the Metro, with their flagship OKC venture opening today at 13801 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite A in the Quail Springs district.

Since 1981, according to their handlers, Cowboy Chicken has made it its job to provide a healthier-ish alternative to all the fried chicken joints in town, offering Texas-style wood-fired rotisserie chickens, just dripping with savory juices, alongside a nice helping of cowboy cookout side-vittles that’ll please any buckaroo in your stable.

It sure did in mine.

Saturday night, I was invited to come out and try their pistol-packin’ goodies before they officially opened to get culinary cowpokes such myself a nice little lay of their new land; kicking back with a refreshing fresh-brewed unsweetened iced tea as servers lined up the anticipated eats, it was a spread the size of Texas that kept this hungry dirtkicker quivering with pangs like I’d just been hit with the prod, gazing at the numerous chickens charring over the flames in the glass display, a visual that kept my belly rumbling like a herd of cattle.

Chicken roasting at Cowboy Chicken. (Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report)

Now Cowboy Chicken prides themselves on their aforementioned wood-fired rotisserie chicken, so grabbing a few of those darker pieces was a given, but, most surprisingly, the second thing they seem to brag about the most is their chicken enchiladas, a most welcome addition to the limited menu, I thought as I scooped a heapin’ helping onto my oval plate.

While the normal menu has “Wild West Sides” such as campfire veggies, corn fritters and baked sweet potatoes, tonight’s more than worthy sampling included their baked mac and cheese, ranchero beans and their apparently most popular side order, the “Twice-Baked Potaters.” Throw in a couple of rolls and you’ve got a Big Tex-sized meal that’ll leave anyone adding “God Blessed Texas” to their after-dinner playlists.

Piling it high at Cowboy Chicken. (Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report)

As predicted, the chicken was absolutely on target, every bite just dripping, so tantalizingly moist and so full of flavor, mingling perfectly with the reasonably seasoned crispy flame-teased skins. But, even as good as that was, it in no way prepared me for the Texas tornado that is their incredible edible enchiladas; hand-rolled in corn tortillas with a tomatillo sour cream sauce, this Tejano treat is a good example of walking the line between feisty and festive, a little bit of heat quelled flavorfully with the white meat chicken chunks. It will probably be my to-go order for future rodeos, it’s that memorable.

The true bucking broncos in the corral, however, were the festive sides; the rodeo clowns at my table went absolutely rabid over them, with special attention paid to the baked mac and cheese and that totally perfect well-done top level, that welcoming sheath of tasty and toasty baked cheese skin that is always a crowd pleaser. I, on the other cowhand, absolutely adored the ranchero beans, with their hearty mélange of spices, onions and peppers, perfect for ordering as a side or eating out of a rusty pan in front of a campfire with a dude named Cookie.

And, of course, the vote was unanimous about their signature “Twice Baked Potaters,” with seconds being an absolute must for this wonderful concoction that lies somewhere between mashed and baked, worthy of four hearty foot-stomps deep in the heart of Texas. And don’t forget to inhale a dish of their cobbler—peach, if you must—before you ride on out of town!

The peach cobbler. Delicious! (Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report)

(Unfortunately, the only part of the meal where I couldn’t offer a similar sort of rave up was when it came to their dinner rolls—even though they were fresh, they didn’t really feel or taste like it. A little too rough around the edges with a dry, spongy payoff that wasn’t even worth sopping up the remaining ranchero beans or enchilada sauce.)

Measly dinner roll aside, however, the Texas taste sensation that is Cowboy Chicken is definitely worth lassoing up your wayward steers and treating them to a delectable Big D dinner that’ll leave even the most vapid vaquero shouting, from the roof of the barn to the stables below, “Yippee ki-yay, rotisserie-clucker!”

Cowboy Chicken is open daily from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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Cowboy Chicken
13801 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite A
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Phone: (405) 753-4005

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