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SODA POP REVIEW: Yacht Club Cola

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Yacht Club Cola - best served cold!
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SODA POP REVIEW: Rhode Island’s “Yacht Club Cola”

Every now and then, when I pop into Pops (either in Arcadia on Route 66 or the one in the Nichols Hills Plaza) I like to look for new and obscure soda pops that I have never tried.

During my most recent visit to Pops, I found one – a Rhode Island-based soda pop bottler called “Yacht Club.”

This was Yacht Club’s “cola,” which is just one of many classic flavors offered by this Ocean State original, founded in 1915. There’s sarsaparilla, quinine tonic, cherry cola, root beer and a citrus-y 7-Up-styled drink called “Yacht Up!”

But I opted for Yacht Club Cola this go around and was pleasantly surprised by its initial fizziness and mouthfeel, right off the bat!

After that initial fizzy and sugary introduction, I found a mellow and seemingly "old-fashioned" cola (think RC, for instance) that is fairly light, most-definitely bubby and assuredly sweet, without being cloying.

Now, I will say that the motto on the label - "Serve Cold!" - is well worth noting. I had purchased mine cold but traveled a few miles on a hot summer day with my soft drink in the backseat, so it was not ice cold, as I preferred (and my icemaker at the office was not working). 

I suspect that if I had tried it "ice cold" (as Coca-Cola now notes on its can labels), the drinking experience would have been that much more pleasurable. 

One funny thing. Reading up on Yacht Club and its founding in North Providence, R.I., it remided me that tiny Rhode Island (one with a big heart!) is the only state, east of the Mississippi, I have not visited. 

Now I have to go!

The ingredients of Yacht Club Cola are as follows: carbonated natural artesian water; pure cane sugar; natural cola flavor, phosphoric acid; citric acid and caramel color.

For more information on Yacht Club, go to

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