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Food Review: Wing Supreme

Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report
Seasoned fries and wings covered in Wing Supreme's homemade hot sauce.
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Man alive, there are few things better in life, eats-wise, than a big plate of Buffalo wings dowsed in various homemade sauces, ready to give you a mouthful of heat and a spicy kick upside the head. Whoo-whee, my mouth puckers just thinking about it as I type these words!

The problem with this scenario—or practically any scenario involving hot wings, for that matter—is when you get the bill, with even the most popular of chains charging upwards of a leg and a wing for even the smallest serving-size of the popular dinner-snack…sorry, but that’s just too much for what you actually get.

So anytime I try a new wing joint, it’s always with a bit of trepidation and a tightly clenched wallet- it wasn’t any different when I walked into Wing Supreme, 3925 N. Lincoln Blvd. A relatively new restaurant in the OKC scene, when I visited around dinner time the place was mostly jumping with people picking up to-go orders on their way home from work, a constant stream of business in and out the doors.

I mentioned this out loud to the woman standing in front of me and she told me she believed they were the best in town and picking up a massive order of 50 wings for her and the kids was a Friday night ritual, recommending the hot, the southern fried and the honey love sauces as her personal faves. Passing me a menu, these wings seemed delectably priced to move as well: a snack attack combo with ten wings and seasoned fries was only $10 even.


Absolutely glistening, their specially homemade hot sauce covered every inch of the moderately sized wings, the stinging aroma causing my nose to twitch, almost bringing me to a sneeze numerous times. It’s a family secret that is definitely unique and original to Wing Supreme, and they should keep it that way, with each meaty-enough wing slathering the lips and mouth with a subtle burn that only grew with each subsequent bite.

Keep a glass of water handy, as well as a napkin for when those inevitable meat sweats kick in, and they will.

As for the seasoned fries, they were a fantastic compliment, with their salt and peppery seasonings offering quite the taste bud calming antidote to the three-alarm quietly raging in my mouth, fried and coated to a distinct crispness that compliments any batch and any flavor ordered most pridefully.

Also of immediate distinction is their highly recommended old-school Catfish Strip Combo ($10.00) meal, offering up a batter that is rich in deep South spices and seasonings, coated and covered and fried to a golden brown, all the while maintaining a moist and flaky white inside that has that homegrown earthy taste that Oklahoman love in their catfish no matter how you do it up.

Instead of the fries this go round, for a buck more I subbed in some of their country-style fried okra and boy howdy was it what I was craving in a side, each bite a fat juicy testament to the beloved vegetable, the soulful breading capturing in all the flavor of those little green demons ready to pop in a splash of hot grease and hotter seasonings with every bite.

Fried okra and catfish strips. (Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report) 

The birds here at Wing Supreme fly high and, while they may not fly free, but they will definitely swoop down for perhaps the most reasonable price for absolutely premier Buffalo wings in the Metro. And with almost 20 different sauces to work your way through, any one craving a big basket of these tasty cluckers and those muthas of a side order will be definitely whistling a happy tune. At least you will once your beak quits burning, of course.


Wing Supreme
3925 N Lincoln Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 702-5464

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