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FOOD REVIEW: Gabriella’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria

Brandon King / Red Dir Report
The Soprano Pizza is an eight inch pizza with two cheeses and various toppings.
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Over the past five years, Oklahoma’s horizons have broadened to embracing different types of food.

No longer are your Mexican, Chinese and seafood restaurants lying at the fringe and suggested only as a break from the monotony.

This idea is more relevant with one style of food in particular: Italian.

Aside from a few examples like Johnny Carino’s and Olive Garden, this style of restaurant is few and far between. This is why I was apprehensive to go out to dinner to a place called Gabriella’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria.

Located at 1226 NE 63rd St in Oklahoma City, the restaurant sits upon a hill. A white sign with green and red letters shone in the darkness of a December night. The wide parking lot was packed to the brim.

Underneath the awning was a single glass door with warm, ambient line shining through. It gave people the sense of a family’s home on a long-awaited holiday.

 As you enter the place, the restaurant is divided into three sections: The middle filled with tables for four or more and each side of the restaurant had built in coves for the family to dine in privacy. Each table was fashioned with a red and white checkered cloth and a wine bottle with a melted candle over the mouth.

My experience with Italian restaurants has been this façade of Italian stereotypes and waiters struggling to pronounce Italian words. As funny as it may seem, the joke wears off quicker than one might think.

Instead, my table was met with a charming woman who was friendly to all of us. As only one person from out table had been here, we all had questions as to what was good and what was to be avoided.

She answered every question we had. As we got our bread, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, I ordered a water and black and tan.

As the speakers played crooner’s Christmas songs in the background, we all received our drinks and appetizer bread at once. The place was just quiet enough that each of us could talk in our normal voice. In this quiet nature, we all could talk about how wonderful the place had treated us.

In a wicker basket lined with red cloth, warm slices of toasted, buttered bread were given to each side of the table. I almost filled myself on bread that night.

As far as I’m aware, I’m a snob when it comes to three subjects: books, movies and beer.

One of the only complaints I have for Gabriella’s is the consistency of the beer. My black and tan, a mixture of pale ale and a stout, had enough of a head that I had to suck down a quarter of the foam to get to the drink.

It felt as though the drinks were a little rushed but they went down all the same.

Our smiling waitress came back and took our tables order. As a table of nine, I can understand how this might be difficult. She was a perfect professional.

I ordered a Soprano pizza. It is an eight inch pizza with six slices topped with pepperoni and salami, bell peppers, black olives, mushrooms and onion.

It felt like almost no time had passed before the food arrived. A plate with steam rolling off the cheese looked like a God send. This pizza was more than pizza. It was poetry.

Perfect slices with just the right amount of toppings and nothing but a growl at the end was needed. I took the remaining slices home with me. Trust me, this pizza only gets better the next day.

As we sat enjoying each other’s company, I couldn’t help but notice the lighting of the restaurant. Soft, dim lights lit the rooms which made each room feel like a family. Not a single person in the restaurant seemed to frown that night.

In Oklahoma, the menu can be found to be one-sided.

Fried chicken chains are lined next to steak houses with minor variations in between. This state is known for the cowboy meals of meat and potatoes and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything different.

This is why I suggest you try Gabriella’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria. A fun date or night with the family, you won’t want to miss it. 

Gabriella’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria
1226 NE 63rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Phone: (405) 478-4955

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