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Cuppies and Joe: The Coffee Corner of OKC

Brandon King / Red Dirt Report
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OKLAHOMA CITY- I’ve been in college for a little over three years and I’ve learned two things for sure: college is way too expensive and coffee is life.

In the Uptown district of Oklahoma City, there is a sense of diversity within the community. From Big Truck Tacos and the Moon Thai, a blend of cultures runs rampant through the streets.

Where can a typical college student be found? Regular business people looking for their caffeine fix? They can be found at 727 NW 23rd Street at Cuppies and Joe.

A hole in the wall that looks more like a renovated house, this coffee shop houses coffees both plain and gourmet- not to mention the assortment of cupcakes and cookies on display at the cash register.

Black metal tables set along the outside patio serve as a gathering point for patrons to sit and relax. 

Walking into the place, I felt as though I was transported to a friend’s home for coffee and good conversation.

People from all walks of life- college students, families and people on their break from work- were clustered throughout the place. Mismatched pieces of furniture give the space an eclectic feel. 

A brushed, burnt wooden floor held a brick fireplace with fresh wood in the unlit fireplace. Above it, hangs a white banner across the mantle that reads a message that speaks to the mentality of the shop: "Home is wherever I’m with you."

I made my way to the counter that had the menu hanging on the wall. To my right was a small merchandise table. Shirts and mugs, coffee packs and a tip jar for an organization called “Bucks 4 Bikes”, the advertising sells itself.

To my left sat a display counter filled with homemade delectanble desserts like the "Neverland", a peanut butter cookie with chocolate in the middle, and a "Lemony Snicket", a lemon curd cupcake.

Under the golden lettering of C & J, three baristas are there and ready to show Oklahoma a side of quirky culture with an espresso shot to go.

I must admit, my coffee addiction has grown to a snobby, selective level that sometimes I question. Places like Starbucks are too overpriced and most regular shops just don’t cut it.

This coffee shop might as well be a showman for coffee houses in Oklahoma to show them how it’s done.

Case in point: a man dressed in a two-piece black suit stood in front of me in line for an eternity of 10 minutes. My impatience was beginning to show but the baristas behind the counter remained the face of tolerance and service. After going over every single menu item on the drink and dessert side, he eventually landed on a plain, black drip coffee.

I know, right?

While the first instinct would be to just say, “Coffee, sir, we sell coffee. Would you like some?”, the baristas repressed that urge and welcomed every person that came to the counter like an old friend.

After deciding to be adventurous and get something new, I asked for a cappuccino and a "Neverland" cookie.

I decided to check the rest of the shop out. The rooms were filled with strung out computer chargers and people talking amongst themselves. A room colored in a deep blue was down the hall from a teal room. It was off to the side of the main room, a small square nook housed tiny bookshelves available for any patron.

The cups given to anyone ordering were oversized and filled just below the lip of the cup.

I made my way to the single table near the window facing the street. The sounds of 1940’s jazz could be heard playing from the front of the house. An elderly man shuffled from the side to get to the table that sat his wife.

There was not a time that they let go of their hands or the coffee mug they shared together. 

I’ve been to Cuppies and Joe plenty of times and tried almost everything on each menu. Practically everywhere I go, the first place I search out for is a coffee shop. The minute someone says Starbucks as a suggestion, my face twists in a snarky sense.

It’s natural, unfortunately.

On atmosphere, price and quality, I can say unequivocally that Cuppies and Joe is the best damn coffee shop in Oklahoma.

Oh, and if you go check this place out, I’d suggest getting exactly what I got. Tell them that Brandon King sent you. 

Cuppies & Joe
727 NW 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone: 405-528-2122

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