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TWIN PEAKS: The Return / Part XII Analysis

Gordon Cole (David Lynch) doesn’t have time for your Dougie shenanigans right now.
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Part XII of Twin Peaks: The Return isn’t what you want, but it is ultimately what you need.

Remember the first few parts being snail-like in pace and felt like nothing Lynch & Frost have ever done? The silliness that Dougie Jones produces (who, thankfully, is only available for a one-sided game of catch with Sonny Jim this week) mixed with the stalled first few parts results in what we were given. It’s another board to finish the bridge this season is trying to build. The last few parts have been so forward with the pacing that Part XII is the downhill light jog before we are hopefully treated to another intense mile run to finish everything off.

This week’s part deals with business and pleasure, and the loss of patience. Gordon doesn’t even drop everything to talk to Albert about Diane’s texting Mr. C. He has a bottle of Bordeaux to drink and a French woman to entertain.

Audrey Horne’s reappearance could be seen as a disappointing return, but I never expected her to reappear with all the answers of Cooper or Twin Peaks. Having her reappear to have awkward off-screen arguments with her husband Charlie was satisfying enough. I wasn’t put off by this part’s divergent nature, but I’m level-headed enough to laugh, have a good time, then finish with “so what are we really doing here?”

Audience expectations for Lynch should properly be checked by now (as if a penthouse evil apparition murdering two lovers in the first hour of this season didn’t already). I’d be very surprised if we got the answers we are looking for at the sixteenth hour of this season. Too much has been unveiled freshly for everything to get the resolution that some of the storylines gets. You can take that as ambiguous satisfaction or Lynch & Frost pulling a fast one on you. Neither are wrong at this point.

The loss of patience also falls into Lynch and Frost never delivering what the audience wants at that specific moment.

Fire Walk With Me was supposed to be the final cap for the series but soured fans of the series didn’t appreciate it being more explorative and losing its playful and soapy tone. Lynch did say that FWWM would be very important to the understanding of The Return, but this season has been nothing like anything preceding it — Lynch attributing works or not.

An hour a week is shown to be beneficial; instead of dropping 16 hours of content that would get digested, dissected and thrown away a month later. This also gives us time to over analyze everything and be frustrated with parts we would forget if we didn’t have to wait seven days in-between parts.

Lynch & Frost love to use metaphoric representations of the audience in their episodes. Albert being annoyed that Gordon isn’t more concerned with the Blue Rose task force is how most of us felt at that time. (We also learn that Blue Rose is the successor to Project Bluebook, an Air Force investigation into UFOs that got shut down in 1970). The clerks at the supermarket at a loss for words at Sarah Palmer’s strange behavior. And ending everything with Audrey shouting at her husband, “so you aren’t going to tell me what she said?!”

They are having fun with us. Relax your mind and let your conscience be free. That may be tough for others, who are banking on Lynch & Frost to come through and answer everything in the next four hours. Just try to enjoy the ride and maybe it will take us where we need to go. And if not, who says we even deserved to jump abroad in the first place?

Subversion is synonymous with Twin Peaks and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

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