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TWIN PEAKS: The Return / Part XI Analysis

Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer), Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and Diane Evans (Laura Dern) discuss their visit to The Zone.
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Spoilers and whatnot. Maybe not so much whatnot, but definitely spoilers.


You are cordially invited to the marriage of Shelly Johnson and Bobby Briggs.

This somehow happened within the twenty-five years we were absent from the world of Twin Peaks and I wish we could have gotten a spinoff series of Bobby, Shelly and the misadventures of their hellish daughter, Becky. Also in these off years, Shelly and Bobby divorced. It feels like Bobby is more resentful of the marriage than Shelly, who happily leaves a family intervention for Becky at the Double R to go make out with some guy in front of Bobby. So grimy for her to do that, but she seems to be the same character that Bobby fell in love with all those years ago, so he can’t really be that surprised.

Becky has lost it and steals Shellys car to go shoot her husband that looks way too much like a drugged out Macaulay Culkin with a glued on mustache. When Becky doesnt find him at his mistress’ apartment, she rings off a few gunshots in the door and promptly gets the cops called on her. Heres to hoping that Becky staying with Shelly now will have more Briggs family reunions because this moment was so wholesome. To see Bobby be a responsible dad was a lot of good to take in.

Before Bobby can bring up anything about Shellys shady behavior, a gunshot pierces a window in the diner. Bobby makes his way outside to finds a child in the back of a van mistakingly picked up a gun and shot the round. The child looks... very mischievously. Bobby tries to calm a woman in a car that's aggressively honking to find she has someone in her car whose actions mimic that of a zombie while green bile dispels from their mouth. Because of course.

The crew in South Dakota have a much bigger situation to deal with though. Diane, Gordon, Albert, Tammy, Macklay and Hastings jam into two police cars in route to where Hastings says is the location of The Zone in Part X. While a Woodsmen is shown disappearing and reappearing in the distance, Gordon goes to investigate before hitting a invisible threshold.

Blurs and rattles upon reality invoke Gordon only seeing a giant vortex in the sky that reveals Woodsmen in a staircase in a house. As he starts disappearing into another dimension, Albert pulls him back into reality. "I guess we found out," he says.

The headless corpse of Ruth Davenport (the woman Hastings went into The Zone with and whose head was found with the alleged body of Major Briggs) is found with coordinates inscribed on her arm. Before Gordon and Albert can even process these two new discoveries, Diane notices another Woodsmen. He is creeping up on the cop car housing Hastings and Macklay. Diane cautiously looks upon and somehow, Hastings head seemingly explodes. It seems the Woodsmen are like trans dimensional mob members that will silence you before you reveal too much about The Zone. But they dont touch anyone else on the scene. Do they not care if people investigate The Zone?

“There’s no backup for this,” Diane says.

The Twin Peaks Police Department are still a day away from investigating the location of Jack Rabbits Palace (detailed in Part IX). Hawk and Truman look over more information when The Log Lady gives them a call. “You found it, didn’t you? ” she asks. Hawk confirms, but can’t tell her what they found. Hawk also doesn’t want to reveal to Truman what the Black Lodge logo stands for. The Log Lady says her log is afraid of fire and there’s fire where the police team is going.

In a post-Hastings-getting-his-head-blown-up scene, Diane reveals that she saw a Woodsmen enter the police car, but no one else saw it. Gordon says he saw DIRTY BEARDED MEN IN A ROOM.

Thirty-five minutes with no mention of Dougie gets interrupted with a meeting with Bushnell Mullins of Lucky 7 Insurance. TheyerrMullins tells him about the organized crime in the company that Dougie uncovered. He sends Dougie off with a check for $30 million to give to the Mitchum Brothers, who are en route to kill Dougie.

Dougies limo driver drives him to the brothers, who plan on killing him in the desert but Bradley Mitchum says they cant kill them because he had a premonition that Dougie isnt their enemy. With the reveal of a cherry pie in a box and their discovery of the check, they have a new found friend in Dougie Jones.

A dinner of cherry pie and champagne that Dougie isnt sure how to drink, the Mitchum Brothers couldnt be more happy with Dougie.Heres to the pie that saved your life, Rodney Mitchum toasts.

Part XI has a lot more to offer than last weeks part. It feels like another building piece to more interesting bits, but the first half of this episode is action packed in ways I wouldnt expect Lynch to go during this entire season at all.

The Mitchum storyline still feels tacked on and unnecessary. Within one hour, a storyline was built up to have them kill Dougie and then they are toasting with him by the end of Part XI. Five more parts, five more hours to digest. The visit to Jack Rabbits Palace will be wild. I still think we havent seen the wildest explorations in Lynchs world yet.

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