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TWIN PEAKS: The Return / Part X Analysis

Dougie Jones (Kyle MacLachlan)’s date with cake is interrupted by Janey-E (Naomi Watts) seducing him.
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This isnt a bad episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, per say, but one that doesn't progress the plot as much as Part IX or Part VII. It just felt to be moving at a much slower pace than recently. Nothing in this episode felt essential, with a big portion of it taking place in Las Vegas.

Spoilers, but you knew that already

Anthony Sinclair (Tom Sizemore) is now given the task from Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischer) from the demand of Mr. C from last weeks installment to pin the insurance scheme Sinclair was involved with on Dougie Jones and to get the Mitchum Brothers (Jim Belushi & Robert Knepper) to kill Jones. When they find out that Dougie Jones is actually Mr. Jackpots from his gambling escapades in Part III, they have even more reason to want him dead while effectively calling off their hit on Ike The Spike (Christophe Zajac-Denek).

This all seems really tacked on and unexciting. Itll probably all makes sense as the last few episodes trickle in, but Im not excited to spend more time in Las Vegas than needed.

Richard Horne (Eamon Warren) kills a woman that snitched about his hit-and-run in Part VI and calls Deputy Sheriff Chad Broxford (John Pirruccello) to intercept a letter she sent to the Twin Peaks Police Department detailing what Horne did. Richard is an exuberantly misanthropic asshole in this episode, more so than usual. He robs his grandma of all her valuables and money so he can skip town. Unless Ben Horne and Sylvia had another kid we don’t know about (Jerry Horne is too busy being stoned out of his dome to produce children), Richard is probably the offspring of Audrey Horne and Mr. C somehow. We need a scene of Audrey coming back to slap Richard around while “Audrey’s Dance” howls in the background.

Seeing Dougie Jones (Kyle MacLachlan) have his first brush with sex was hysterical. Post-doctor appointment where its brought up how much weight hes lost (because, you know, hes literally not the same person), Janey-E (Naomi Watts) throws the bedroom eyes on Dougie, who is just trying to enjoy his chocolate cake. Even being a hair away from being a non-responsive robot, Dougie can apparently still throw it down  but Sonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon) had to hear it all and is probably scarred for life.

While Dougie gets closer out of his catatonic state, Special Agent Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) is on a date with the coroner of the Major Briggs case (Jane Adams). A match made in witty comeback heaven. Afterward, Albert visits FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch), which prompts a very strange apparition of Laura Palmer crying when Gordon opens the door for him.

They know about Diane getting the text from Mr. C earlier that morning at the morgue. Diane even texted back, They have Hastings, hes going to take them to the site. Shortly after, Special Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) shows up to reveal a screenshot of Mr. C at the site of the New York penthouse murders from Part I. Shown with a man with a lab outfit, it’s presumed that Mr. C either set it up to catch Cooper when he did escape the Black Lodge or the Mother apparition that killed the two teens in the penthouse.

He would have a motive for either: contain Cooper so that Mr. C can stay out of the Black Lodge or contain Mother for reasons. Im not quite sure of that, actually. But being that she birthed the evil of the Black Lodge, Im sure he has a twisted reason to try and control it in whatever way he can.

The Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson)s conversation with Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) brings the most important piece of information of all the episode. She details a glow that is dying, the circle being almost complete and Laura Palmer being the one. Part VIII essentially revealed that Laura Palmer was created by the leaders of The White Lodge to combat the Black Lodge and the one that rules it all: BOB.

BOB isnt in Mr. C anymore and as far as we know, that hasnt changed his carnivorous ways. BOB will need to somehow find a new host and the spirit of Laura will need to come awake in someone. I doubt it will be a traditional good v. evil showdown by any means, but something will happen by the end of this season that weakens BOB and all his disciples.

I think Lynch wants to make Twin Peaks an optimistic tale of how those that dabble in evil eventually get dealt with. In a Lynchian way, of course.

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