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"Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" makes us swoon with wonder

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Luke Evans, Rebeccca Hall and Bella Heathcote in 'Professor Marston & The Wonder Women.'
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The superhero genre has dominated the movies for the latter part of a decade.

Companies like Marvel, DC and Image are able to rake in cash from fans hand-over-fist with their characters making their way to the big and small screen.

Whether you like the explosions and flashing lights that only superheroes can provide or it’s the compelling stories and ideas these characters represent, they provide something for all involved. It’s easy to take these idealist characters for granted. It’s even easier to just accept them as bricks in a wall that make up the principles of the United States.

But easier isn’t always the best thing.

This is why I grew to admire the Angela Robinson directed film, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.

In this 2017 drama biopic, we follow the American psychologist William Moulton Marston through a series of flashbacks while giving a testimony for the Child Study Association of America.

The year is 1947 and the United States is still recovering from the aftermath of World War II. At this time, the comics we know today were not the same as when they originated. Instead of the X-Men and The Justice League coloring our pages, you’d be better off finding a mystery comic, a detective story, or a Tale from the Crypt.

Even the early footings of Marvel and DC were recognized by their original names: Timely Publications and National Periodical Publications.

Before Marston put pen and paper together, Marston was a professor at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges in 1928 with his wife Elizabeth. After hiring a new teaching assistant named Olive Byrne, rumors of the two having an affair quickly spread.

Instead of Elizabeth hanging Marston out to dry upon these true accusations, she instead participates in the affair and the three become an open relationship trio.

The movie explores Marston’s accomplishments throughout his academic career including his invention of the lie detector and the DISC theory.

Something that I can appreciate that Robinson did with the script is the fact that she didn’t direct with rose-tinted glasses. This error of idolizing the person you’re making a movie over is one that is too common. This is why movies like The Founder and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women are the great movies they are.

They make you believe they are interesting and humanely-flawed.

The remainder of the praise must lie is within the cast.

To put it bluntly, they acted the hell out of these roles. I was captured by their performances and my interest peaked at the end making me want more of the story. If a movie can do this for me, I consider it a success.

The breakout star from the cast has to be Rebecca Hall who played Marston’s wife, Elizabeth. Hollywood has always had a flaw in writing female characters and making them believable.

With a complex person like Elizabeth, Robinson took this character and made you want to focus on her more than Luke Evan’s portrayal of Professor Marston.

This movie is for the lover of history, the lover of comics and advocates of women’s equality in entertainment.

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