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Six unique candidates from Norman will run for US Senate, Congress
U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.
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NORMAN, Okla. – Normanites will be pleased to know that a total of six candidates from Norman are running for the primary nomination for the U.S. Senate and Representative District 4 seats on June 28.

U.S. Senator

Sean Braddy, 44, has worked for seven years as a youth career coach at ResCare Workforce Services in Oklahoma City. He is the father of three sons of 18, 16, and 11 years old.

Braddy considers himself a progressive and he is actively engaged in the community. He is known for walking 21 miles from Norman to Oklahoma City to rally fellow progressive individuals.

The first issue of Braddy’s is income inequality saying, “The income disparity between the top of the top and the bottom is outrageous.”

Besides, Braddy’s concerns are to protect the environment, to reform the criminal justice system, to ensure universal security healthcare and to improve infrastructure.

Robert T. Murphy, 68, Libertarian, has been retired from the University of Oklahoma since 2010. Murphy is running for U.S. Senator not because he wants to win the seat, but because he wants to force the state of Oklahoma to change the law regarding the small parties who are not authorized to design their candidates by convention. Murphy said by presenting himself to the Libertarian primary against Dax Ewbank, the state will have no choice but to spend dozens of thousands of dollars on printing ballots in every precinct for Libertarian and Independent voters in Oklahoma.

Murphy encourages all the Libertarian voters to support his opponent, Ewbank.

U.S. Representative District 4

Tom Cole,67, Republican and current Representative of District 4 since 2003 will try being re-elected for the eighth time. Cole is the favorite of this election unless his opponent James Taylor, a conservative who claims to be chosen by God, thwarts his plans.

“In the last two congressional races I was asked to challenge Mr. Cole, but God had not released me,” Taylor said.

Taylor, 57 and a pastor, reproached Cole in not keeping his promises by supporting President Obama’s bills such as Omnibus Bill in December 2015 saying, “We have to stop the insanity!”

Taylor said he will have three criteria before to approve a bill, “Is it necessary? Can we afford it? Does it help America? If I don't have satisfactory answers, I will not vote for the bill.”

The winner of the Republican primary will possibly have to face Christina Owen, a progressive Democrat and also the youngest and only woman candidate and Sevier White, a Libertarian.

Owen, 32, is the owner of Splazoingas Sweets & Treats and co-founder of the Yes All Daughters movement. She is facing Bert Smith from Moore. She is actively engaged in the local community such as the petition against the oil pipeline project through Cleveland County.

Owen didn’t expect to run after her defeat at the Norman City Council race. But she said as no Democrats were candidates for District 4, people asked her to run against Republicans.

“We must have choices and representation that speak for us as citizens, not just career politicians,” Owen said. “The people are tired of politics as usual; we are ready to push for change.”

White, 67, is a retired teacher and wrestling coach, he has a land development, Eagle Loft Estates in Purcell. He is married and the father of two children of 7 and 9 years old.

Because White has no opponent for the Libertarian primary he is the nominee for the final election in November.

White is radically against the system of two parties saying, “they just keep creating more government, laws, and regulations and expenses that make no sense at all, enough is enough.”

The priorities of White are to stop military interventionism by closing American bases around the world, to stop the drug war and civil asset forfeiture.

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