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Educator Jacob Rosecrants wants to represent HD 46

Jacob Rosecrants is running for House District 46 as a Democrat.
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NORMAN, Okla. – Jacob Rosecrants announced is candidature for the House District 46 seat after the surprising decision of Republican legislator Scott Martin, actual incumbent of the House District 46, resigned to become the next president of the Norman Chamber of Commerce, beginning in May.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Rosecrants said in an interview with Red Dirt Report, adding he was ready to run again on 2018.

Rosecrants, 39, an unsuccessful candidate for the HD 46 last year with 40 percent of the vote Rosecrants said to have learned from his mistake from last year and already had a team campaign structured and more volunteers available to spread the words.

“There are much more volunteers willing to help me,” the Democrat said.

The candidate said the actual disastrous budgetary situation of Oklahoma is due to the inefficiency of the Republicans majority that controls the House, the Senate and the state government.

Rosecrants, a father of two kids and a teacher since 2012 at the Roosevelt Middle School in southwest Oklahoma City, is a fervent advocate of the education system in Oklahoma, which he believes is intentionally underfunded by the state government. He said to be totally against private schools that will increase discrimination between students.

“It is under attack right now,” Rosecrants said. “We are not funding school by accident but in purpose.”

Regarding the actual situation of the education system and the privatization of prisons, Rosecrantz said it contributes to the school-to- prison pipeline.

Rosecrants doesn’t agree with the proposition of budget by Fallin’s government believing it will arm the more fragile and poorest. Instead, he supports the proposition made by the Oklahoma’s Democrat that is to increase the Gross Production Tax on oil and gas to five percent, reverse income tax cuts for high earners, implement a cigarette tax and the rest coming from additional sources such as among other eliminate coal credit and vendor discount. This proposition should to fill the $800 million deficit and provide a surplus of $500 million.

“There is no other plan on the other side to make enough revenue,” Rosecrants said.

Understanding that even with his election to the HD 46 seat the Democrats will still be in minority at the House, candidate Rosecrants thinks that his experience as a teacher could be a great help to build better consensus with the Republicans.

Concerning the SQ 780 and 781, Rosecrants said to be outraged about the fact that some legislators are trying to modify the propositions against the will of the people.

Besides the education system and health care, Rosecrants said the environment is also a problemof budget adding, “It is the key.”

Even if Rosecrants would like to diversify the source of energies such as using more solar panels, he totally understands the importance of the oil and gas industry in the Oklahoma economy.

“It is not going to harm anybody to diversify,” Rosecrants said.

Concerning the hot topic of abortion, Rosecrants is a Catholic and doesn’t support abortion but as the law makes it legal he said he will not try to change it. He considers it will be a waste of time, money and will force the women who still want abortion to do it illegally or go outside the state.

The adventure it just starting for Rosecrants as candidature are open until May 4, then if there are primary the election will be on July 11 and then the general election on September 12.

“I feel very confident for this election,” Rosecrants said.

For more information go on Rosecrants’ website.

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