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Ron Paul excites OKC crowd with message of liberty, freedom

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Ron Paul addresses a crowd at a campaign rally in Oklahoma City (2/25/12)
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OKLAHOMA CITY – A enormous crowd of liberty-loving, small-government-seeking Ron Paul supporters crowded around the south steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol Saturday afternoon to hear a campaign speech from the libertarian-leaning congressman from Texas.

Following fiery speeches from State Reps. Mike Christian and Charles Key and Sen. Ralph Shortey, as well as speeches from liberty activist Kaye Beach, Al Gerhart and State Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell, U.S. Rep. Paul, accompanied by his wife Carol, took to the stage and addressed the adoring crowd.

Smiling, Paul began: “It’s great to be here today, great to be involved in something important to you and important to me – the cause of liberty.”

That statement framed his campaign speech, which lasted close to half-an-hour.

“I’m so glad the revolution is in Oklahoma,” he said. “It’s spreading.”

Paul praised the efforts of his supporters and that their work has been helping make inroads with other people who respond to his liberty message.

But a lot still has to be done, he said, adding, “Quite frankly, I do not believe we live in a Republic anymore. We have a long way to go to restore the Republic.”

Part of that includes sending representatives to state capitols and to the Nation’s Capital who will take their oath of office and the Constitution seriously.

Looking back a century, Paul reminded the crowd that next year will be the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Federal Reserve, the root of so many problems in America’s economic system. Paul’s idea is to celebrate that anniversary by abolishing the Fed.

“They gave us that onerous thing called the Federal Reserve, that we need to abolish,” Paul said. “End the Fed.”

“End the Fed!” chanted the crowd.

Paul schooled the rally attendees on the history of debt creation in the U.S. and the dangerous path the country was taking on the economic front as well as the civil liberties front. He addressed the invasive nature of a government drunk on power.

“Have to reject the government telling us what to do with our bodies, that’s what we need to reject,” Paul said, but taking that statement no further.

Midway through the rally, his message got a little dense and wonkish, but when he returned to a subject like the “Drug War,” for instance, the crowd got fired up again.

“The Drug War,” he said, “Is an excuse to infringe on our civil liberties.”

And taking that issue further, Paul said that in the decade since the 9/11 attacks, government attacks on the civil liberties of Americans has been “atrocious.”

“I don’t believe for a minute that we were attacked because we’re free,” Paul said, referring to the Al Qaeda storyline and their alleged involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

What to do? Repeal the Patriot Act and restore the Fourth Amendment.

And what of President Obama? Paul said the president “assumes he’s king” and can use unconstitutional methods to assassinate American citizens. 

And while he would later tell the media in a press conference that he does not particularly want Iran to get a nuclear weapon, America should not be trying to force other countries to live as we do.

And the audience, many holding Ron Paul signs or wearing Ron Paul T-shirts, would occasionally shout out messages to the congressman.

“No war in Iran!” shouted one guy.

“Habeus corpus!” shouted another.

Regarding Iran, Paul would later tell a press conference in the Capitol that the U.S. has been interfering in Iranian affairs since 1953.

“We shouldn’t be nation building,” he said. “We shouldn’t be policeman of the world.”

Paul repeated how pleased he was to see so many Oklahomans excited about his pro-liberty, pro-freedom message. He says he continually runs into Democrats who whisper to him that they are switching parties just to vote for him. He then chuckled and told the crowd that he tells those folks that “not all Republicans are the same.”

And when it comes to his colleagues on Capitol Hill, Paul said there is still a lot of resistance to his smaller government message.

“I tell you where they are not waking up  is in Washington. They’re still sound asleep,” he said. But at campaign stops around the country, he said, his message is being enthusiastically received.

“You know what is old stuff? Tyranny. Freedom is new,” he said. And that’s why so many young people are responding to his message, because young people are inheriting the problems brought onto them by Paul’s generation.

“We are winning the intellectual argument,” Paul said.

Paul said his campaign’s efforts to accumulate delegates has been largely successful.

“They are admitting we are in second place with the delegate counts,” Paul said, as the crowd cheered at this news.

As Paul left the stage, he took extra time to shake the hands of supporters and have his picture taken. He seemed to smile the entire time and appeared legitimately pleased with the response he was receiving from his Oklahoma supporters.

As for those who spoke before Paul, Chairman Matt Pinnell said that Oklahoma is no longer perceived as “flyover country” by the Republican presidential campaigns, as witnessed by recent rallies held by Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Paul was the last major Republican candidate to hold a rally in the Sooner State.

Meanwhile, during a surprisingly lightly-attended press conference including Telemundo, The Oklahoman and the Eufaula Indian Journal, Red Dirt Report made sure to ask Paul about the growing allegations that his campaign is working behind the scenes with Mitt Romney’s campaign or that some deal has been struck between Paul and Romney for the Texas congressman to align with the former Massachusetts governor to gang up on Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

“No. Never,” Paul responded firmly, before going to the next question.

It is a question that is being asked in the media, but his answer to our question - terse and to the point as it was - would appear that Paul’s answer has settled that issue. But we will be sure to watch how things develop.

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