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Piedmont cop resigns amidst sex scandal

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City officials mum about on-duty misconduct allegations

*PIEDMONT, Okla. – Improper conduct while on duty prompted Piedmont police Sgt. Brian Dawson to resign from the department in early February, a city official confirmed.

The resignation was submitted early in the month with Dawson remaining a member of the police department until he could clear up some of his cases, City Manager Jason Orr said.

“Accusations were made and he resigned,” Orr said.  “It was a family issue and instead of dragging it out he opted to resign.”

The department did not investigate the specific accusations, Orr said. The accusations reportedly did not involve anything of a criminal nature, he said.

As city officials tried to downplay the situation, another source said Dawson allegedly was involved in an extramarital affair that took place while he was on duty. According to the source, Dawson and a married woman allegedly engaged in sexual encounters in his patrol car. Dawson also is married.

The city reportedly hired the private investigator but Orr denied that took place.

According to a source, the private investigator followed Dawson and his lover and found them in the middle of a sex act. 

Orr said he’s been told Dawson will not remain in law enforcement. Dawson has been the department’s most aggressive officer in terms of writing traffic citations on an annual basis.

The source said the alleged sex scandal started about a month ago. A second source familiar with the situation said the scandal came to light when the married woman’s husband complained to city officials.

However, Police Chief Scott Singer said he is unaware Dawson engaged in an extramarital affair while on duty or that a city vehicle was used for the alleged sexual encounters.

“He resigned for personal reasons and a new employment opportunity,” Singer said. “I was made aware there is a Facebook page making a lot of allegations but I know nothing of that [affair].”

Another source who asked not to be named because of possible retaliation said the alleged affair between Dawson and the woman started more than a year ago. At times, the two would meet in Dawson’s wife’s car and engage in sex, the source said.

Dawson divorced Tina Yvette Dawson in May 2009, and a year later he married Christi Michelle McKay, Canadian County court records show.

Court records also show the woman's husband has asked a Canadian County judge to award him temporary and final sole custody of the couple’s three children based, in part, on “three active extramarital affairs” she reportedly was having. The court document alleges the woman has met with a “city official” and engaged in intimate relations with that official while leaving her three children – ages 2 ½ to 7 – in her car alone as she engaged in sexual relations with her lover.

ED. NOTE: Red Dirt Report opted not to name the woman involved in the affair out of respect for the couple's three young children and their privacy.

*UPDATE: Brian Dawson has resigned from his position on the Piedmont Police Department. 

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