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Noble lies and hard truths: 17 years after the OKC bombing

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OKLAHOMA CITY – This Thursday marks the 17th anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City.

Since that time, the mainstream media has parroted the “official” story and, like the good stenographers they are, repeated everything they were given (Nolan Clay anyone?). Save for investigative reporters like the late J.D. Cash at the McCurtain Daily Gazette or Jayna Davis, formerly of KFOR.

But those lies are not going unchallenged, as we have seen in the recent release of A Noble Lie, the explosive documentary from Free Mind Films, exposing the government’s lies and deceptive actions in the wake of the bombing that tragically cut short the lives of 168 people and changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of others, as noted in a new book called Oklahoma City, reviewed last week in The Wall Street Journal. It was written by Andrew Gumbel and former J.D. Cash friend and collaborator Roger Charles.

As WSJ reviewer Edward Jay Epstein notes: “No fewer than 24 witnesses said that they saw (Timothy) McVeigh, just before and after the crime, with a man who could not have been either Mr. (Terry) Nichols or Mr. (Michael) Fortier. The FBI concluded that these witnesses had all been confused. Certainly eyewitness testimony can be unreliable, but 24 mistaken witnesses – and no accurate one?”

Indeed. And we have gone over that in prior articles, as have a number of other serious, independent investigative writers and researchers.

And here we are. Seventeen years later. What have we learned? Why is the same old tired cover story being repeated? Don't those who died or were injured deserve the truth?

Convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh is dead. Co-conspirator Terry Nichols is in federal prison. And Michael Fortier is in the witness protection program. But there were others, as we have noted. But try getting the FBI to release all those videotapes that they snatched from the video cameras that had a view of the Murrah building when McVeigh allegedly pulled up in front of the structure that spring morning.

But any serious student of the politics of terror (h/t to the late David Hoffman) knows that governments lie, cover-up and place blame on patsies all the time. In fact, we are hearing echoes of the mid-90’s in the form of reports from the FBI saying “anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday.” That was from a Reuters report in February. Seems as though the feds are dusting off the old playbook they had during Waco and Oklahoma City. And that should frighten us, particularly as the Obama administration seems intent on dividing people, rather than uniting them, as evidenced by the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder, he of "Trentadues and Trentadon'ts" infamy.

Appearing this week on the Infowars Nightly News, featuring interviewer Aaron Dykes, filmmaker and Oklahoma City bombing investigator Holland Van den Nieuwenhof (A Noble Lie) and Dale Phillips, a founding member of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, talked about the film and the government’s cover-up about what happened in our city on April 19, 1995.

Red Dirt Report reviewed A Noble Lie last December and we noted that this homegrown film "does an absolutely incredible job of bringing out all the information Oklahomans and all Americans need in order to really understand" the bombing and government-led, false-flag terrorism. Our hats are off to the Free Mind Film crew, including Van den Nieuwenhof, James Lane, Austin Green, Chris Emery, Devin Winter and others.

When asked about “how big the lie” of the Oklahoma City bombing is, Van den Nieuwenhof said the bombing case “was a demonstrable case of the official story being utterly false,” in addition to the bombing happening in 1995 when the Internet was in its infancy and “the dissemination of information wasn’t so rapid, as it is today.

Said Van den Nieuwenhof: “If they tried something as sloppy as Oklahoma City today, it would get a lot more exposure (because of the Internet), and they’d probably learn a lot more from the attack.”

Van den Nieuwenhof also talks about Operation PATCON, the “FBI operation to infiltrate every far-right organization in the United States in the mid-90’s and implicate them in firearms and explosives felonies.”

Interestingly, all mentions of PATCON were cut from a recent Newsweek article on the bombing. and as Van den Nieuwenhof noted, in his conversation, that an FBI agent said “PATCON will get you killed.”

As Van den Nieuwenhof said: “we believe Oklahoma City was spawned from Operation PATCON in the mid-90’s.”

J.M. Berger, writing at, wrote in 2007 a story explaining PATCON headlined: "PATCON Revealed: An exclusive look inside the FBI's secret war with the militia movement." PATCON, Berger writes, "was fully operational ... (by) November 1991." Berger notes the spot-on investigative work of J.D. Cash and Roger Charles at the McCurtain Daily Gazette.

Van den Nieuwenhof also noted that on the anniversary of the bombing, this Thursday, at 8 a.m.*., WeAreChange Oklahoma and Free Mind Films are passing out 500 free copies of A Noble Lie near the bombing memorial site in downtown Oklahoma City.

“We don’t want them to remember the slaying with a lie. We want to reclaim the truth from history,” Van den Nieuwenhof said.

To learn more about A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, go to

* Denotes corrected time (3:17 p.m. 4/18/12)

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