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Inhofe appears to deny knowledge of Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill in interview
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Tulsa) appears on "The Rachel Maddow Show " (3/15/12).
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Last week, during an appearance on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Tulsa) was asked by Maddow about a mistake in his new book and Uganda's controversial "Kill the Gays" bill.

According to an article posted by The Huffington Post’s Jack Mirkinson, “in the second half of the interview, Maddow asked him about a section of the book in which he mentioned her for what he said was an attack on him for attending the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

After a brief exchange, where she notes Inhofe’s connection to The Family and Doug Coe, Maddow clarifies that her concern was not about the climate change issue (he was appearing on her show to talk about his new book The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future) but about the infamous “Kill the Gays” bill that the parliament in Uganda had been considering over the past several years.

Maddow asks if Inhofe wants to “weigh in on that issue (the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill) for the first time publicly.”

The senior senator from Oklahoma gets irritated and seems uncomfortable addressing the topic – a topic he should be completely familiar with considering his longtime connection to the secretive Christian group The Fellowship (aka The Family), based in Washington.

“Are you saying, are you suggesting, Rachel – and I want to make sure that everyone understands this – that I am for executing gays, that I somehow knew something about what their philosophy is over there and what they’re doing legislatively?” Inhofe responded. “I wish you knew Doug Coe. I’ve never known anyone in my life who just loves everyone … I am sorry you did that.”

A number of online reporters and bloggers are rightfully noting that Inhofe, who proclaims himself to be a “Jesus guy” with a heart for the African people, as well as being the most knowledgeable person in Congres on African issues, say that Inhofe has to know about Bahati and Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill. We here at Red Dirt Report wrote extensively on this subject, beginning last fall.

Bahati is the crazed, anti-gay Ugandan parliamentarian who, with support from Ugandan “dictator-for-life” Yoweri Museveni, has supported the so-called “loving punishments” that the Ugandan government would levy against known homosexuals were the bill to become law.

Death, it would seem, would be the most “loving punishment” of all, according to Bahati, who was also interviewed in Jeff Sharlet’s The Family and C Street.

When the bill came up again last fall, Red Dirt Report asked Inhofe to respond to the subject of anti-gay legislation being considered in an African nation he considers close to his heart.

Responded Inhofe: “I do no, nor have I ever, supported or condoned this legislation. It is my hope that Uganda will abandon this unjust and extraordinarily harsh legislation.”

So, Inhofe is clearly aware of what is going on in Uganda and with Bahati’s cruel legislation that has already sent many Ugandan homosexuals into hiding, as noted by a gay Ugandan who shared a harrowing report on a recent broadcast of The Michelangelo Signorile Show.

And regarding the dictator, Museveni, Inhofe, when interviewed by Tulsa’s Pat Campbell Show, said the leader was “doing a good job,” despite Museveni’s reported support of "lovingly punishing" the gays with lengthy prison sentences or death.

Of course Uganda is in the spotlight these days, particularly with the recent “Kony 2012” propaganda campaign that has completely collapsed within a week, following the crazed "masturbation meltdown" of Jason Russell, the leader of the cult-like Invisible Children outfit, which we suspect to be a CIA front group to promote imperialist intervention in Uganda and central-east Africa where the Chinese are making serious inroads.

Inhofe was more than happy to talk about the good work the Kony 2012 movement was doing, according to a recent News 9 (Oklahoma City) broadcast, after the Kony 2012 video had reached almost 80 million hits.

News 9 also noted that despite a growing backlash against Invisible Children, Inhofe, who has been trying to bring attention to the Lord's Resistance Army and Joseph Kony since the mid-1990's, said he supports the charity's efforts and sentiment.

"He's got to be taken out and let's make 2012 the year," Inhofe said.

As for protecting gay Ugandans or poor Ugandans being driven off their lands by British corporations or other heavy-handed activities by Museveni and the Ugandan government, Inhofe says very little, if anything. When he is asked, he will say Museveni is "doing a good job."

Red Dirt Report has put in a call to Sen. Inhofe's office and hopes to have a response before the end of the day. If we get a reply, we will be sure to update this story.

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