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Highlighting America's embrace of "child killing," Randall Terry seeks to attract pro-life Dems in Okla.

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Democratic presidential candidate Randall Terry, an ardent pro-lifer, waits in the KTOK coffee break room before appearing on "Mullins in the Morning."
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Longtime pro-life activist and icon campaigns in Oklahoma as a Democrat; seeks to pull conservative Dems from Obama camp

Part 1

OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s just before dawn on a Wednesday and parked at the far end of a Wal-Mart parking lot is an RV, it appears to be a model from the early-to-mid 1990’s. It’s been driven, that’s for sure, and inside the vehicle, the driver is stirring.

The driver happens to be one of the best-known anti-abortion activists in the past quarter century. It’s Randall Terry, the uncompromising pro-life guy who has been arrested dozens of times and served time at the height of the 1990's abortion wars.

A few days earlier, I had conducted a phone interview with Terry for The Norman Transcript. But this being an election year and having covered all the leading Republican candidates so far, Red Dirt Report wanted to learn more about Terry’s candidacy. Frankly, we had not heard much about Randall Terry since the 1990’s, back in the heyday of the pro-life movement. Living in Wichita, Kansas in 1991, we were quite familiar with Operation Rescue and the radical tactics they employed during the “Summer of Mercy” siege.

Terry had made a name for himself for being a hardcore, uncompromising pro-lifer, but in recent years he had sort of dipped below the political radar. As sometimes happens, a controversial figure like Randall Terry will – in classic “shooting star” fashion – rise, shine brightly and then fade out.

Randall Terry had faded out for a while. But he is definitely back for his second act on the national stage and is as passionate about ending abortion – or “child killing,” as he prefers to call it – as he ever was.

And now, at 52, Terry has a TV show, an office back East and remains incredibly critical of the pro-life movement where 501c3 rules are ruining churches and causing natural allies in the war to end abortion to be more or less timid and silenced. He is not afraid to call a lot of the current "pro-life" leaders "collaborators" for their failure to take a stronger stance against "child killing."

Terry tells us two years ago that he first had the idea of running for president. Sure, he was a controversial figure and hated by the media and the liberal elite and and traveling in this 1994 Winnebago Adventurer with his assistant Andrew Beacham, Terry, who now lives in rural Romney, West Virginia, after fleeing suburban Washington, D.C., is taking his message to certain states where he can have an impact.

As we noted in our story in The Norman Transcript, Terry is setting his sights on Oklahoma because he feels that many Democrats are disappointed with President Obama. Since arriving in the state he has had positive interviews with newspapers in Chickasha, Anadarko, Lawton and elsewhere. Getting the attention of the larger Oklahoma City media has been more of a challenge, Terry admits.

So, stepping inside Terry’s campaign RV, we meet Andrew Beacham. A native of Indiana, Beacham, with long hair and glasses and an easygoing manner explains that he met Terry after he was arrested for disrupting President Obama’s Notre Dame commencement speech. He then went to Washington and got trained there where he became part of Insurrecta Nex, the new incarnation of what Terry did with Operation Rescue in the 1990’s.

Talking about his encounter with Obama, Beacham smiles at the memory his 2009 encounter with the president.

“He had to stop speaking,” Beacham said.

Beyond a box of campaign literature – he has a team of five people spread out across the state helping canvass and talk to people about his candidacy – Terry has eschewed the typical “campaign accoutrements” like signs, stickers and T-shirts. Much of the money is spent on travel and to buy ad time on TV. Yes, those graphic and gruesome pictures of aborted babies that have people of all different political stripes upset. On a KTOK AM 1000 talk show with a conservative prankster host named “The Eggman,” people calling in, talking about Terry’s unsettling ads, were upset that they and their children saw those images, aired prior to the Super Bowl. The ads are not for the faint of heart and are posted at his website,

But Terry is unapologetic for airing the ads. He says people need to see those images and see what is happening in “America’s holocaust.” And while there has been a lot of resistance from TV stations about running the ads, FCC rules require the stations to run the ads. In one of the ads, Terry explains that Obama is saying "to Hell with your religious beliefs" and noting that voters can "vote this bigot out of office."

Noting the coverage he has been getting lately in the media, in large thanks to his graphic abortion ads that are running during primetime fare like Grey’s Anatomy and Hawaii Five-0, Terry says that he always appreciates the support of major figures in the conservative movement.

“Ann Coulter was saying nice things about me,” Terry says with a smile. He was looking forward to holding a rally at a church in Broken Arrow on Saturday night. While Coulter is a major Mitt Romney backer, Terry is excited to have her in his corner when so many celebrities are afraid to take such a step.

“She’s a big pro-lifer,” Beacham tells us when we note the seeming incongruity of Coulter supporting both milquetoast Mitt Romney in the Republican race and Terry in the Democratic and independent races in certain states.

Terry, when asked about the Coulter endorsement, he says, "She likes fiery people."

Aboard the RV, which is a little messy, Terry throws on a red and black plaid shirt and he and Beacham, who is carrying a film camera to take footage of the interview,  make their way to the 50 Penn Place studios of Clear Channel radio station KTOK where Terry is a guest of early-morning host Reid Mullins.

In Terry’s hand is a CD of music he recorded in Nashville about a decade ago with Ronnie Milsap’s band. Red Dirt Report was given the same album, as well as a small stack of books Terry has written including Accessory to Murder: The Enemies, Allies, and Accomplices to the Death of Our Culture and Why Does a Nice Guy Like Me Keep Getting Thrown in Jail?, a 1993 book that came out amidst the heated abortion wars of the early Nineties.

He is also bringing Mullins a copy of his DVD series What Would Muhammad Do?, which is described as “a much-needed expose of the theological and historical truth about the violent nature of Islamic sharia law and Muhummad, Islam’s founder.” Needless to say, Terry is uncompromising about his Christian beliefs. In fact multiple times during our visit with him he says prayers out loud.

So, what about Islam? Terry says he has studied Islam and has a master’s degree in the study of international terrorism, as well as a BA from State University of New York where he studied communications. And it is clear, from talking to Terry, that he is well-versed in engaging the media and he says “he knows how to study theology.”

On the 10th floor of 50 Penn Place, Mullins greets Terry and Beacham and invite them in to his studio, which has a great view of Oklahoma City. Asking for a cup of coffee, Mullins points the way to where he can get some coffee. It's around 6:30 a.m. and Terry is still sort of waking up, having spent the night aboard the RV in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Wal-Mart parking lots are popular camping spots for folks traveling in RV's.

Once Terry is seated in the studio, Mullins plays a snippet of a song off of Terry’s CD. It’s a sort of pop-country sound. It’s actually pretty good.

Mullins then introduces Terry to his radio audience as “the one who speaks for those who don’t have a voice.”

Terry and Mullins have a very cordial conversation. They had met one another years ago when Terry had a radio show and Mullins talked to him about a 1992 incident where Oklahoma City abortionist Dr. Nareshkumar Patel burned a bunch of dead babies in a field.

Terry nods in acknowledgment. A memory from 20 years earlier. You can see Terry thinking about that memory as he sits in the chair.

Said Terry: “Man, I miss radio.”

Asked about why he was running as a Democrat, Terry said he wants to give pro-life Democrats a voice. He knows that conservative Democrats in the Sooner State are concerned about the issues he is highlighting as he campaigns – abortion, religious freedom and energy issues like promoting the Keystone pipeline, an issue of energy independence that his primary challenger has neglected to embrace. The Keystone pipeline is an issue both Republicans and Democrats can agree on here in Oklahoma.

And as for his simple, three-part platform and message, Terry tells Mullins that his message is resonating.

“Oklahoma is a the first state where I have campaigned vigorously,” Terry tells Mullins, adding, “Democrats in Oklahoma are more conservative than Republicans are in New York.”

Added Terry: “I’m all in here. I’m campaigning hard.”

Mullins shows an image taken of State Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre at an anti-Personhood bill protest at the Capitol the day before. The sign Eason McIntyre is holding reads: “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f*** a senator.”

Terry seems bemused. And when Mullins explains the personhood controversy that is taking place at the Capitol, Terry said he’s “a big fan” of the growing push for “personhood” bills around the country.

“At the end of the day, this thing in the uterus is either human or non-human,” Terry said. “If it’s alive and it’s growing it’s something.”

The issue of foreign policy is also discussed. Terry said he takes foreign policy “very seriously” and that “every time we go to the gas pump, we are funding terrorism.”

He notes the number of Saudis – people, Terry called “godless sheiks and tyrants” – were involved in the 9/11 attacks and that Saudi Arabia still provides America with an enormous amount of oil. That, he says is a problem.

But back to his campaign. Terry admits he is not going to be the nominee and he will not win.

“If people want to send a message to the president about our oil policy … send a message, vote for me,” Terry said.

And regarding the growing situation in Iran regarding their alleged desire to build nuclear weapons, Terry said, “Iran must not be permitted to get nuclear weapons.”

Terry painted a dark picture of Iranian bombs coming towards America disguised aboard oil tankers. Iran was definitely a serious threat, in Terry’s mind.

Additionally, Terry’s thorough study of Islam and his take on the religion that it is a threat is summed up in this statement: “Jesus Christ died to start Christianity. Muhammad killed to start Islam.”

Wrapping up the interview with Reid Mullins, Terry and Beacham head back downstairs. The day is just getting started. They are taking Terry’s message and campaign literature to newspapers in Ada, McAlester and elsewhere.

Talking politics, Terry says that he has helped get candidates to run in several races around the country. One candidate is running as Republican House Speaker John Boehner in his Ohio district and another has agreed to run against incumbent U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and a Muslim.

And while Terry is running as a Democrat, it’s for a higher purpose, to stop child killing, something that Terry says Obama advocates.

As he told me a few days earlier: “When Is say President Obama supports murder, I mean it – literally. This man is the paramount child killer of the Western hemisphere.”

Terry said the principle is the focus, not the party. He is looking for more people to sign on to his platform, to stop child killing, something he says beloved conservative and former president Ronald Reagan failed to stop.

The pro-life movement of present day, Terry said, is “failing because of poor leadership.”

With his current candidacy, Terry says he wants to highlight the real tragedy facing America, beyond energy issues and religious freedom – “child killing.”

Terry says that he is hoping to get 5 percent of the Democrat vote on Super Tuesday in Oklahoma. If he gets 15 percent or more he would qualify for delegates.

And Beacham, sitting there back on the RV, looking at his laptop, bedecked with Transformers stickers, looks thoughtful.

“This presidential run will help Randall and the pro-life movement,” Beacham said.

In Part 2, we talk more with Randall Terry while he campaigns in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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