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Chief's sex scandal comments anger betrayed husband

Tim Farley / Red Dirt Report
Piedmont Police Department.
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Woman reportedly had sex with officer in multiple locations

PIEDMONT, Okla. -- Scott Singer’s recent public comments about a Piedmont police officer’s alleged on-duty sexual escapades with a married woman were criticized by the woman’s husband.

The man, who asked not to be identified so his three young children could retain their privacy, said Singer’s comments were a “load of bullshit.”

When contacted about Sgt. Brian Dawson’s resignation from the department and his alleged sexual affair while on duty in a patrol car, Singer downplayed the significance of the story and the officer’s involvement.

At the time, Singer said he was unaware Dawson was engaged in an extramarital affair while on duty or that a city vehicle was used for the alleged sexual encounters.

“He resigned for personal reasons and a new employment opportunity,” Singer said at the time. “I was made aware there is a Facebook page making a lot of allegations but I know nothing of that (affair).”

The woman’s husband said he spoke to Singer in January and made him aware of the extramarital affair.

“He was very professional with me but I gave him enough information for him to understand what was going on,” the husband said.

Singer reportedly reviewed the facts and evidence given to him by the husband before Dawson was given the option of resigning.

“I feel like, based on his (Singer’s) comments that this was underplayed,” the man said. “What he (Singer) said was not the truth about him being unaware of what was going on. I felt like he did not want to investigate. He told me ‘let’s try to keep this between us because it’s a personal matter.’ That irritated me because it’s not a personal matter. He (Singer) didn’t want me to tell a bunch of people because in some way he was defending Dawson’s credibility. It’s not a family matter when they decide to have sex in a city vehicle.”

Singer did not return a telephone call for comment in connection with this story.

The husband believes Singer was trying to back up one of his officers despite the mounting pile of evidence.

“I understand blue (police) have a code at all costs, but to me Dawson is not being held to a higher standard like he should,” the husband said.

At one point during the alleged affair, Dawson reportedly met with the married woman at Frisco Road and Waterloo Road. The husband said he placed a GPS tracker on his wife’s car and his father followed the woman to that location.

Later, according to the husband, his wife texted a friend admitting she had performed oral sex on Dawson but did not engage in intercourse “because she did not have a condom,” the husband said.

“I hate liars and cheaters and she’s both,” he said.

The husband has filed for divorce in Canadian County District Court and is seeking sole custody of the couple’s three minor children. A court document filed in the divorce states the wife was having three “active” extramarital affairs prior to the divorce filing.

“I can’t be with her because I won’t live like that. There is no trust left, but my kids are everything to me,” he said.

The husband said his wife and Dawson allegedly met at several locations during the year-long affair, including a vacant house just behind their home, at an area along NW 150 th between Mustang Road and Sara Road and at the husband’s home.

“He (Dawson) doesn’t deserve a badge. Police officers should be held to a higher standard. My children looked up to him because he was a police officer,” the husband said.

According to the husband, his wife called Singer and said Dawson should not have lost his job. Singer reportedly replied that he would give Dawson a good reference if needed.

“I think that’s crap,” the husband said. “This ain’t Dawson’s first rodeo. He’s done this before.”

The husband believes he was placed in a risky situation because he and his wife were still being intimate before he discovered evidence of the affair.

“Let’s just say we were having a normal life at home,” he said.

Actually, life was less than normal in December 2015 when the wife claimed to have filed a police report alleging sexual harassment against Dawson. A Citizen’s Crime Report states, “For the last several months Brian Dawson and I have talked and met up to talk and kissed.” Another sentence was blacked out. The report, dated Dec. 10, 2015, was signed by Dawson’s reported lover.

However, the husband claims the report was never officially turned in and is not part of any police files.

“It was fake, it was all fake just to make me think she had turned Dawson in,” he said. “Dawson helped her fill it out so I would stop digging.”

The husband is happy Dawson is no longer part of the department, but he wants more.

“If it were up to me, he wouldn’t live here anymore,” he said.

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