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Both Newt Gingrich and Randall Terry seek votes mere hours before the polls open

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Pro-life Democrat and presidential candidate Randall Terry talks to voters near the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum (3/5/12)
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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – With just hours left before voters participate in the Republican and Democrat primary elections here in Oklahoma, Red Dirt Report caught up with two campaigns seeking support from voters of both parties – and independents – before they head to the polls for Super Tuesday.

First was here in Midwest City at the Reed Center where about 40 interested voters came to hear advocates of Republican candidate Newt Gingrich – including Herman Cain, J.C. Watts, former Treasury Secretary Rosario Marin and Jackie Gingrich Cushman. These conservative folks helped stump for the Georgia native during a campaign stop here. We covered Gingrich's visit here a few weeks ago.

Cain, the 9-9-9-touting pizza man who dropped out of the running in December after a controversy swirled around allegations that he cheated on his wife, was cheerful and smiling throughout his presentation, saying that the small crowd size wasn’t a bother.

“I don’t get in crowd size,” Cain said. “Not everybody was behind the Boston Tea Party, which started the revolution in, uh, 1775 … or was it 1785 … which is it?”

But that historical train of thought didn’t derail Cain. He continued, sharing his battle with – and victory over – cancer, back in 2006.

It was a moment of inspiration and of challenge. Cain was connecting with the crowd in a personal way.

“We can do this, change the direction of the country,” Cain said of Gingrich’s desire to take his message to Washington and to the American people. Continuing, Cain said, “We must change the occupant of the White House and the direction of the country.”

Former Treasury Secretary Rosario Marin, who is a native of Mexico and served during the Bush years, said that since her boss left office she has “been really concerned” about the direction the country has been taking during the Obama years.

“I’m concerned about my kids and my grandkids I don’t have yet,” said Marin, now living in Los Angeles.

Gingrich Cushman, meanwhile, was a chip off the old block, using hand gestures similar to her father and noting how she had grown up appearing with him on the campaign trail and that she was now bringing her own son Robert – Newt’s grandson – along for the campaign to show the boy what American democracy was all about.

As for former Congressman J.C. Watts, he said it was good to be back in his home state of Oklahoma, and back in the congressional district he served in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Watts said he jumped aboard Team Newt right after the new year because after giving it much thought, he figured Gingrich was the best candidate for the job of turning things around after four years of Obama.

Watts said that during his time as Speaker of the House, Gingrich was derided by both Democrats and some Republicans for making hard choices in order to balance the budget and reform welfare.

“He was called racist, evil, the ‘Gingrich Who Stole Christmas’ … but he never wavered,” Watts told the crowd, many of whom looked older than 50.

“I’m 54 years old,” Watts said. “The only time in my life that we have had a balanced budget was when Newt Gingrich was speaker.”

Watts then delved a little into the social-conservative side of things, suggesting that in the past 15 years, when Gingrich was speaker, the country is more secular and dangerous for children. Several folks in the audience verbally agreed with Watts.

Watts said a President Gingrich would make sure to define marriage as being between “one man and one woman.” Gingrich, if elected, would also cut taxes and unapologetically defend America if she was ever threatened.

Watts also said Gingrich would reverse the trend of government mandates, a trend, Watts said, carried the whiff of tyranny.

Watts derided the dangerously bloated ObamaCare plan and the large deficits we are facing

‘We have no clue how bad the deficits are,” admitted Watts.

Using the phrase “graceful decay” several times, Watts said Gingrich’s competitors – Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney – would only manage America’s “graceful decay,” while Gingrich would tackle America’s problems head on and has a record in congress of doing just that.

As for the signs scattered throughout the room touting Gingrich’s campaign plan of $2.50 gasoline – as we watch gas prices rise by the day and tensions rise between Iran and the U.S. – Watts said Gingrich’s plans for energy independence would get America back to those sorts of prices.

An “icon” of the pro-life movement awaits results from Tuesday’s Democratic primary

Meanwhile, back in Oklahoma City, at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, cultural conservative, uncompromising pro-lifer and current Democratic presidential candidate Randall Terry was still campaigning a day before Super Tuesday.

Terry’s campaign has already received a lot of notoriety in recent weeks for running graphic TV campaign ads on Super Bowl Sunday. But, as we found out, there are a many pro-life Democrats in Oklahoma who are not happy with the president and his radical agenda. Terry has been working hard to attract those voters on March 6.

Red Dirt Report featured a two-part article about Randall Terry’s candidacy and his focus on collecting votes in Oklahoma on Super Tuesday, in hopes of pulling votes away from President Obama, a man he called “the paramount child killer of the Western hemisphere” for his ardent support of abortion.

When Red Dirt Report caught up with “Team Terry,” the candidate was filming an episode of his  TV show “The Voice of Resistance” (“the coolest TV show in the Christian ghetto”) next to the bombing memorial’s reflecting pool.

Reflecting on what had happened at the site nearly 17 years earlier, Terry – an expert in Islamic terrorism – noted that until the Oklahoma City bombing, “domestic terrorism” in America was not an issue – until Timothy McVeigh became the face of it when he was caught, tried, convicted and eventually executed.

“If I had a dollar for every time I was on the Internet and I saw the name ‘Randall Terry’ next to the words ‘domestic terrorist,’ I wouldn’t have to work another day for the rest of my life,” Terry said to the camera, operated by volunteer Andrew Beacham. “I’m not  a domestic terrorist. Abortionists are the terrorist who murder millions of babies.”

And Terry does have that reputation, stretching back to his days running the radical anti-abortion group Operation Rescue. Now 52, Terry has slowed things down – a little – but he is working hard on this presidential campaign, he has a new book he is about to release based on his life (Dragon Slayers: A Journey of the Soul) and still has a lot to talk about and work towards – primarily ending abortion, which he calls "child killing." During our visit, he and his volunteers stood at the corner of 5th and Harvey in downtown Oklahoma City, holding the grisly posters of aborted babies.

Terry also talked a little about his weekend campaign rally in Broken Arrow where the keynote speaker and supporter was conservative pundit and writer Ann Coulter. The event, he said, went well.

While we were there at the memorial, Terry interviewed this reporter for his program and we discussed the current state of journalism as well as media heroes from early American history (abolitionist newspaperman Elijah P. Lovejoy) and very recently (the late "new Media" mogul Andrew Breitbart).

Volunteers with “Team Terry” during his time in Oklahoma included Beacham of Indiana; Susan Irby of Wichita, Kansas; Ed Faddoul of Romney, W.Va.; and congressional candidate Gary Boisclair of Minnesota. He looks to unseat Democrat and Muslim incumbent Keith Ellison.

Faddoul, who had worked on a campaign before, when he lived in Iowa, said that during his time in Oklahoma, people had responded favorably to Terry’s message.

“People were glad to get literature,” Faddoul said. “They responded well.”

As Terry explains it, a good showing of between 5 and 15 percent could have an affect on the Obama campaign and possibly lead to Terry gathering delegates from here in Oklahoma. Numbers matter, of course.

And after announcing that he had “called every single registered Democrat in the state who had voted in the primary in 2008,” Terry released a “Victory Phones” poll of likely Democratic Presidential Primary voters in the state.  It revealed that 42 percent are pro-life, 42 percent are unhappy with Obama’s HHS regulations and 54 percent are in favor of the Keystone pipeline. These are issues Terry is focusing on during his time in Oklahoma and he is cautiously optimistic about how things will turn out on Tuesday night.

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