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With the world spinning further out of control, Trump pours rhetorical fuel on the flames

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OKLAHOMA CITY – In all honesty, what is taking place with President Trump and the geopolitical state of things – particularly in regards to Russia, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela – feels like a slow-motion catastrophe where the last chapter ends in a shitrain of atomic fire.

Sure, the missiles aren’t flying yet – thank God! – but the utterly insane rhetoric coming out of Trump’s mouth at the opening session of United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday was a fetid stew of warmongering madness that I have not witnessed in my lifetime. (Read the full text of the "speech" here.)

Recall the late Hugo Chavez’s cracks about then-President George W. Bush’s appearance at the UN in 2006 - on this date, 11 years ago - where he called Bush “the devil” and that the assembly room still smelled of “sulfur?” All that seems quaint and lighthearted in light of Trump’s bombastic and mind-shattering statements about his willingness to “totally destroy” North Korea and annihilate its 25 million inhabitants if they don’t bend to our will.

Not surprisingly, the weak-kneed “world leaders” gathered at the UN during Trump’s speech did next to nothing in light of Trump’s calls for what amounts to war crimes and, potentially, world war – with nuclear weapons. This, in a hallowed hall where the United Nations was created in hopes of ending any futures wars. Trump simply stomped all over what the UN originally stood for and threw it in their faces.

We should note that there were some faces missing from the opening session, including the leaders of Russia, China and Germany. And the North Korean propaganda machine? Kim Jong-un is probably lapping up every word so he can further convince his people that the “evil wolves” and “American imperialists” who consider Kim a crazed “rocket man” (apologies to Elton John) really are out to get them. This is the sort of drunken barroom talk that leads to full-scale brawls and innocent people getting seriously hurt.

In fact, Duyeon Kim, with the Seoul-based Korean Peninsula Future Forum, told The Washington Post today that Trump’s words will likely not get Kim to stand down but will more likely “give Pyongyang an excuse or incentive to redouble its nuclear and missile development, which means more (nuclear weapons) testing.

Trump also warned Venezuela that "further action" would be taken against that South American nation if they don't fall in line. One can almost hear shrieks coming from the ghost of Hugo Chavez, who warned this day would come. And Chavez's successor, current Venezuelan Pres. Nicolas Maduro, called Trump "the new Hitler." 

And Iran? A "rogue state," of course. With full backing of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump verbally attacked America's 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

Haaretz, a leading newspaper in Israel, was not as excited, offering an analysis headlined "Trump delights Netanyahu with belligerent and nationalist right-wing UN speech."

Writes Chemi Shalev in Haaretz: "Netanyahu was certainly overjoyed to hear Trump's extraordinarily harsh assault on the Iran nuclear deal. Rhetorically, at least, Trump carried out a complete 180-degree turn on the previous administration's policies, trashing the nuclear deal as the worst ever concluded by the United States and seemingly burning the bridges with Tehran rather than trying to promote collaboration."

And the war machine is most certainly licking its chops in light of these disturbing developments.

Meanwhile, there is essentially a “benign junta” in Washington now, where Trump (already salivating at the thought of having a “big, beautiful military parade” in Washington)  gave a big thumbs up to America’s military by telling them, essentially, that the days of civilian control were ending and that “security interests” will now “dictate the length and scope of military operations.

The Oklahoma congressional delegation seemed right on board with Trump’s bombastic and un-American remarks, particularly those aimed at themselves! Trump cares next to nothing about the three branches of government, our Constitution, or anything the Founding Fathers instilled in those critical, early years of our nation’s infancy.

Just give the Trumpenfuhrer his mock military uniform already and hand the privileged, pampered son of racist bully Fred Trump (Woody Guthrie’s arch-nemesis, back in the day) the keys to the car, because he’s apparently going to drive it off the cliff anyway, with or without Congressional approval.

And yet Oklahoma’s “finest” go right along with it. After all, they did just give the military $700 billion to play with – likely to be used against those “sovereign” nations the nativist demagogue loves so much. Oh, wait, America is really the only sovereign nation out there. Everybody else must kiss Trump’s ring and beg him not to push “the button,” making their already bad day that much worse.

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole (R-Moore), who represents House District 4, gleefully said in a press release on Tuesday afternoon that the president had given a “spirited defense of American values and interests” and told the world that he was putting 'America first.'

Explain to me, Congressman Cole, how Trump’s comments were any different from dictators and despots of the past? We have sent a list of questions for Cole to answer in light of his praise of Trump’s speech, but we don’t expect a response any time soon.

And so the clock ticks ever-closer to midnight ... 

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