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Trump bows to pressure; holds off releasing all those "JFK Files"

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Hopefully we will get the full truth - someday.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised. After promising to release all the final files related to the investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement in the conspiracy, President Trump bowed to pressure from the CIA and FBI and blocked the release of thousands of classified documents due to non-specific “national security concerns.

Well, that sounds totally bogus to those of us here at Red Dirt Report. The spooks always have some last-minute excuse as to why the public cannot learn the truth about what happened to their president way back on Nov. 22, 1963. To see what the National Archives released yesterday, go here.

It has been nearly 54 years since JFK was shot in killed in broad daylight on a street in Dallas, Texas – and his murder caught on film, thanks to Abraham Zapruder. A film that shows our young president being shot from a location in front of the motorcade. It was a “turkey shoot,” as New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison put it. “Back and to the left. Back and to the left.”

In fact, on Wednesday evening, a day before the data dump, I was in Dallas - on Elm Street, of all places, quite coincidentally - on the same day President Trump was in town for a fundraiser (because that is more important than doing actual work). It was a little surreal, I must admit, and local JFK assassination conspiracy theorists weren't holding their breath that we'd get "the good stuff." 

Sure, we got some “less sensitive” documents during last night’s document dump from the National Archives. But our spy agencies hold a lot of sway, even on events that took place when many of these spooks were children or not even yet born.

But throw out “national security” and those prone to giving the spy agencies total leeway, and you are likely not going to get anything closely resembling the truth.

Oh, Trump tells us that the full release of the documents authorized to be released due to the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, signed by warmonger, alleged ass-grabber and alleged Dealey Plaza spook President George H.W. Bush, ironically enough, will come out next April. But certainly the spy agencies knew the Oct. 26th date was coming up. Why didn't they take care of this a long time ago. If anything, it further fuels the conspiracy theorists out there - Rusty included.

Yes, we did get a few nuggets of information, like how the FBI monitored attorney and conspiracy theorist Mark Lane (whose book Citizen Lane we reviewed in 2013), while also revealing our nation's work with the Mexican government in those years as well as other previously-alluded to side matters that, in our opinion, further destroys the official "lone gunman" theory that the establishment insists that we believe (despite more than 50 percent of Americans believing their was a conspiracy).

Just put all the documents out there and let the truth set us free. The CIA, FBI and the Trump administration owe it to the American people, so we can truly move forward. A naive expectation, yes, but we have to have hope someone, someday will do the right thing.

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