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Thoughts on Trump, Constitution

Olivier Rey / Red Dirt Report
Rick Tepker speaking on March 10 at the Tyner Cornbread and Beans.
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NORMAN, Okla. – Rick Tepker, the first member of the University of Oklahoma law faculty to appear, argue and win a case before the United States Supreme Court talked on Trump and the Constitution on March 10 at the Tyner Cornbread and Beans.

Tepker showed his oppositions on Trump’s administration’s conservative view and management about security, education, infrastructures, personal freedom and judicial system.

“The Democratic party must rebuild and re-discover its count for building a big tent and should re-learn attacks and strategies for building a consensus on common ground,” Tepker said.

Then concerning the case of possible connections between Trump and Russia, Tepker thinks there should be an investigation before nominating a special prosecutor citing the example of the Watergate.

“We have to look at the statutes first,” Tepker said, adding for now there is no proof of possible connections with Russia. But if ties with Russia were proven, impeachment of the president will become possible.

As the 25th amendment doesn’t explicitly say the reason why the president could resign, “In the case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President,” Tepker thinks it the situation of Trump was to become impossible, it could be an easy to remove him.

Further, Tepker believes the presidential election process shouldn’t just become a popular vote without Electoral College to prevent any counting of votes issue such as in Florida during the Bush-Al Gore presidential election in 2000. He added the Electoral College allows a balance between small and big states.

“The tendency popular vote nationwide will have more frequently weird effects,” Tepker said, adding a popular vote could be put in place to the House of Representatives serving as a backup in case of a tie or if candidates were not able to get more than 40 percent of the votes.

“I have never seen a system of elections better than the one including the Electoral College,” Tepker said.

Tepker proposes to fusion all the primary parties into one primary ballot for a better competition, representation and equality between the candidates. Then the only two first candidates of the primary will go to the run-off, elected finally by the Electoral College.

Tepker also believes preachers should not be restraint by the government to talk about politics. But he said preachers should not be allowed to use collected money through taxes process to advertise or endorse a political party. He added to limit abuse and confusion, a specific fund should be created for collecting the money for the churches.

“I think it is called freedom of speech,” Tepker said, citing the examples of several preachers who pushed to more progress in the U.S. society such as among others Martin Luther King.

He also agreed that corporate media have the right to endorse candidates.

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