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Our response to "Division of facts concerning SQ 777"

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OKLAHOMA CITY – My name is Bud Scott, I am the Campaign Manager for Oklahomans for Food, Farm & Family– an umbrella organization dedicated to educating the public on the perils of State Question 777. Our organizing members include the Oklahoma Municipal League, the Oklahoma Farm and Food Alliance, the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma, in addition to other diverse organizations and individuals across the state.

I felt compelled to respond to the misleading opinion piece on our organization titled “Division of Facts Concerning SQ 777”, written by Vic Schoonover. I’m underwhelmed that it was published by any media organization without any follow up with our organization. Mr. Thompson, who is cited in the article, has not been with the campaign since the end of June 2016. The author of the article claims that this conversation occurred earlier this week; when in fact, the only communication between he and Mr. Thompson occurred at the beginning of June when he called Mr. Thompson and insulted him and his efforts.

At no point has our organization been contacted to inquire about this opinion piece or regarding the multiple supporters, including farmers and ranchers across the state, who oppose State Question 777. Our organization has and will gladly direct legitimate media inquiries to the numerous farmers and ranchers who oppose this dangerous amendment. These producers proudly express their opposition in the face of enormous pressure and bullying from the big agricultural organizations.

The premise of Mr. Schoonover’s opinion piece omits the fact that State Question 777 impacts every Oklahoman: granting special privileges to an entire industry unavailable to the rest of our citizens, impacting municipal land use planning and water quality protections, tying the hands of our elected officials to react to changing technologies – jeopardizing our ability to comply with federal law.

 In addition to the numerous farmers and ranchers that recognize these issues, we are joined by cities and towns throughout Oklahoma, hunters and fishermen, economic developers, river and lake outfitters, chefs, members of the clergy and thousands of other Oklahomans. Recently the City of Edmond adopted a resolution in opposition of State Question 777. The Journal Record Editorial Board published their opposition to State Question 777.

We know this is an emotionally charged issue for some. But, ask yourself how you would feel if another industry was seeking special treatment, under our Constitution, from new laws and regulations. Don’t believe the hype from the supporters of State Question 777 that this is an “us versus them” issue. As Oklahomans, we can support agriculture while simultaneously opposing poorly crafted public policy. When it comes to protecting our rights, our water and property, our voices count. Vote No on 777. Visit us online at to hear these voices and learn more. We can be reached at 405-546-5073 and

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