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Ed Shadid for Mayor of Oklahoma City

Liz Burleson / Red Dirt Report
Ed Shadid stands on the steps of City Hall and answers questions from the media on a recent afternoon.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – I know it may not come as much of a surprise to most Red Dirt Report readers that we wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Ed Shadid for mayor of Oklahoma City.

We have been exceedingly critical of Mayor Mick Cornett – and for good reason. He claims to be one thing and is actually another. A lot of people with a lot of vested interests in keeping the status quo are quivering in their penny loafers at the mere thought of an honest, inclusive and positive man like Ed Shadid being our city’s next mayor.

The reasons, of course, are many. Certain connected people benefit from the current system while many others are excluded. Cornett’s record on diversity in this city makes me want to barf. His city has become one where white men rule and the rest get crumbs.

We’ve highlighted this issue. Cornett’s record on diversity is one where only three percent of African-Americans, one percent of Hispanics and .09 percent of Asian-Americans were appointed the Oklahoma City boards, trusts and commissions. And in a state where the phrase “Native America” is emblazoned on the license plate (well, you can’t see that phrase on Cornett’s Oklahoma plate. It’s covered by a frame touting the fact he is an alum of New York University – so we know where his heart is …), no Native Americans were appointed. Not one.

And to quote riot grrrl Kim Gordon on Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing” – “I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls from male, white corporate oppression?” Not under a fourth Cornett term, you’re not. Only 22 percent of women in this city were appointed to OKC boards, trusts and commissions. What is this? 1958?

Such a gross imbalance and lack of true diversity would not exist under a progressive Mayor Ed Shadid administration.

Ed Shadid has answered every one of our questions. And despite his hectic schedule, he has made himself available for interviews that have extended into several hours at times. There is nothing off the table with Ed Shadid. Mick Cornett? He literally runs away from Red Dirt Report and others when you ask him a serious question.

Cornett is connected to outside corporate interests who scurry like cockroaches when you try to shine light on their secretive activities. Is that the sort of leadership you want in your city?

Shadid, meanwhile, has true compassion and vision. He has given this writer every indication that he would jump into the mayor’s office with fresh ideas and an inclusive approach while promoting projects that positively impact all Oklahoma City citizens.

I could go on, but I don’t think I need to. Mick Cornett represents the past. Ed Shadid represents the future. 

The election is Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

Below I have linked a few local endorsements of Ed Shadid, as well as an absurd and insulting Q&A that Peter from The Last Ogle did with Mick Cornett. He sounds like a child.

The City Sentinel offers their endorsement of Ed Shadid.

Janes M. Branum at the offers his endorsement of Ed Shadid.

The Otter Limits offers an endorsement of Ed Shadid.

And The Last Ogle has this Q&A with Mick. Read it with a barf bag nearby.

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