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CONSPIRACY, COVER-UPS & SPIN: A rose by any other name is still a rose

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The "Sooner Bomber" Joel Henry Hinrichs III. He blew himself up outside OU's Memorial football stadium in Norman in 2005.
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NORMAN, Okla. -- I was cutting logs for the Texas A&M bonfire in November 1963. The cutting all stopped and everyone was brought back to campus. President John F. Kennedy had just been shot. For the first time since 1907, the stack was torn down and there would be no bonfire that year, as had been the tradition at A&M for decades.

I never questioned the official report of what happened in Dallas that day. The investigation and subsequent Warren Commission report stated that there was a single shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, and that he acted alone for reason I never really thought much about.

Flash-forward to the Gaylord Family/Oklahoma Memorial football stadium at the University of Oklahoma on October 1, 2005. At approximately 7:30 p.m., a bomb exploded about 200 yards west of the stadium. I was sitting high up on the east side of the stadium when the bomb exploded. There was a lot of interest in what that loud sound was. I do not remember what the official statement was at the stadium. Maybe they came on and told everyone to keep calm.

The next day I talked to a friend who worked at the stadium that day. He said that Joel Henry Hinrichs III had tried to get in the stadium with his backpack.

When he could not get into the stadium, my friend said that he went over and sat on a bench next to the tour buses lined up next to the stadium. He thought he was waiting to get on one of the buses when it filled after the game and set off his bomb.

We will never know. Hinrichs was killed when his backpack blew up.

During the official investigation, I was told by another source that two more bombs were found in Hinrichs’ apartment. 

So what was the official report after all of the investigating was done? Joel Hinrichs III committed suicide with a backpack full of explosives on the grounds of the University of Oklahoma. There was never an attempt by him to enter the stadium. There were no more bombs found in his apartment. There was never any danger to the fans and Hinrichs now has a memorial brick somewhere on the University of Oklahoma campus.

(EDITOR'S NOTE* The now-defunct Oklahoma blog Spelunking Through the Chaos reported in 2007 on the Hinrichs "memorial stone" and the late independent investigator Michael Phillip Wright - who would synchronistically be found dead on a bench on the OU campus - also investigated this memorial brick and other strange things about the Hinrichs case and more here).

So, after being so close to an event, knowing what really happened and how different the final report was from the facts, I have become much more aware of a rose by any other name. Why did the report end up like it did? Well, 87,000 fans coming to six home games provides great influence for something like a bomb threat to just go away.

The apartment area where Mr. Hinrichs lived was soon leveled and the story today is the same as the report. A troubled youth found life too much and killed himself with a backpack full of explosives. And the OU Stadium is full every Saturday. I would add that the stadium is swept by bomb-sniffing dogs before every game.

Yesterday I was reading Strange Stones by Peter Hessler, and he mentioned a case at a VA hospital in Columbia, Mo. in the early 1990s when the death rate at the VA hospital spiked dramatically.

The pathologist investigated and found that nurse named Richard Williams was responsible for as many as 42 deaths. When he turned in the evidence, the people, including the pathologist were fired and the ones covering up the deaths were promoted. Mr. Williams is living a quiet retired life in St. Louis. He killed more people than Ted Bundy.

A rose by any other name.

Also in Hessler's fascinating book there is an interesting article on the amount of criminal activity involved in the building of the and maintenance of the Fukushima nuclear reactor owned by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). According to an American reporter working in Japan, most of the major suppliers to the reactor were criminal front companies, providing substandard equipment and maintenance workers. Reports in late 2013 noted an "atomic mafia," or "Japanese yakuza gangsters" who run a lot of things in the Fukushima area and that authorities in Japan do little to "crack down on the syndicates."

Yet, there has never been any information coming from the Japanese government about any problems like this at this nuclear-power plant, located in a seismic zone. A rose by any other name.

So, the next time you see anyone in authority saying ”Nothing to see here, move along,” just remember, there might be something to see and there might be a reason that the authorities don't want you to see whatever it is, from UFOs to 9/11 to the Oklahoma City Bombing to child-sex rings run by the rich and powerful

EDITOR'S NOTE: For more information on conspiracies and cover-ups in Oklahoma, including the Oklahoma City Bombing and the case of Joel Henry Hinrichs III, go to "The OKC-9/11 link the media and authorities willfully ignored").

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