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STILWELL, Okla. -- It is strange how some humans have the ability to tune some people out and not hear a word they are saying even though they may be standing next to them.

One example most of us have witnessed, being in a room where a man, his wife and children are there together. The kids can be virtually climbing the walls and making enough noise to raise the dead and the parents seem to be totally oblivious to the racket. The parents fail to understand how nerve-racking their children’s antics are to the rest of the people in the room who don’t have the ability to tune them out.

The debate over the healthcare issue in this country shows how our elected leaders use the same tuning out policy as the parents of the unruly children.

Over the past several years the working people of this nation have spoken with a loud voice demanding that the Obamacare law be repealed and done away with. While there are some politicians who are listening, there are many others who have tuned out the people who have been hurt the most by this ill-conceived law. I do have to say that President Trump, who made the repeal issue a main part of his election campaign, is keeping his promise to get rid of it.

I fully support his executive order to stop the subsidy payment to the insurance companies, but we must not forget that Obamacare is still the law of the land.  I have grown tired of the constant politicization of the issue by those who are claming his action will hurt the poor. While I agree that all people should not be denied healthcare, we need to see what is happening to the middle class because of Obamacare.

In a recent article Senator James Lankford was quoted as saying, “The dirty secret of the Obamacare tax penalty is that about 81 percent of those paying the penalty in Oklahoma make $50,000 or less. So that’s basically a tax on people in the lower middle class and those in poverty,” said Lankford, R-Oklahoma City.  He also went on to say that those folks can’t afford health care and they can’t afford the insurance, and so they’re stuck with the penalty. That has to be fixed.”

Many of the people falling into this group would have to spend all of their disposable income just for the overpriced policies of Obamacare, and a sad fact is the deductibles are often so high the care they might need would not be covered anyway.

In addition to paying for their care, they would also have to be paying high priced insurance premiums. What most of us are doing is paying the penalty because it is better than paying all of our money for premiums for insurance that is virtually nonexistent. We also avoid going to a healthcare professional because of the cost, usually, we try to use over the counter medications and just tough it out. For some strange reason, many of our elected leaders have tuned out those of us in the middle. I have grown tired of their campaign promises to repeal this monstrosity, now that we have a president who will sign repeal they start taking backwater.

There are three things that could help solve the problem, #1 get a hearing test, #2 get a hearing aid, #3 resign and get out, which would probably be the best solution.

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