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The Conservative View - A nation of laws?
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STILWELL, Okla.- Without a system of law a society is always bordering on chaos. Our country was founded with a strong and efficient set of laws; namely, our Constitution. If any law is found to be unfair or just wrong, the founders of this nation gave us the ability to correct the problem.

From personal experience I have noticed a disturbing trend in our country; too many of our elected officials are taking us into a system of selective enforcement of our laws. Over the past week, there has been much in the news about President Trump issuing an executive order that would do away with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program more commonly known as DACA. President Trump is proposing to do away with DACA in six months, which would allow Congress to debate and send him a bill to solve the problem once and for all.

What many Americans fail to understand about DACA is that it did not originate in Congress and was not voted on by our Congressmen and Senators.

DACA was an executive order by then-president Barrack Obama. Many scholars believe that his actions were illegal, and even our current Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan has stated it publicly.

As soon as the intentions of our president were released, the liberals and the mainstream media went on the attack calling the action "cruel."

In my opinion, the cruel acts were perpetrated by the worthless politicians that used their power and influence to block action in the past that would have prevented the problem that President Trump inherited. Many of those worthless politicians were bought and paid for by special interests that wanted an undocumented work force to provide cheap labor.

While the special interests benefited because of selective enforcement of our laws, the forgotten hard working men and women of this nation have paid the price.

Our country allows countless people to enter our country and become citizens; there is a process and the legal immigrants are required to jump through many hoops in order to become a legal citizen.

I have found, from personal experience, if you have a business and you fail to obtain all of the necessary permits and licenses you will have the full force of the government come down on you.

For people that have endured an IRS audit, they know how important it is to document all transactions in their return.

I think that our system would be a whole lot better if our lawmakers would concentrate on relieving some of the burdens on the small business people and the taxpayers of this country. T

he proponents of DACA like to play on the emotions of the people of this nation. The people of this nation elected Trump because of his promise to clean up our illegal immigration problem. I find it ironic that the liberals and all of the do-gooders want to reward someone that is breaking our laws that were approved years ago in Washington D.C., while at the same time want to drop the hammer on the rest of us who are trying to make a modest living in the private sector.

If we are to be a nation of law those laws should apply to everyone, if they are to be used selectively they should not be passed in the first place.

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