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The Conservative View - A lesson about manure

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STILWELL, Okla. -- In today’s world many people like to make fun of the people who live on a farm because of the hard, nasty work that farm life demands.

I have noticed the entertainment industry, along with many others, likes to portray the farmer as someone who is less intelligent than they are. One of the smartest men I ever knew was my grandfather; while he did not have a college degree, he did have a degree in what I call common sense.

Throughout life I have found that life’s lessons can come from the most unexpected places. Anyone who has ever lived on an operating farm knows what a dirty and nasty job cleaning out the cow pens or the horse stalls can be.  I have often heard my grandfather make the statement that the more you stir manure the worse it stinks. I have found that stirring up hatred against different elements of our society stinks a whole lot worse than the barnyard kind.

On Wednesday morning I, along with other Americans, learned of the assassination attempt against several of our US Congressmen and Senators. In my opinion it is about time that the left of this nation CHILLS OUT.

Ever since Donald Trump was duly elected as our president, the media and the hardcore left has been on an unrentling campaign against Trump and conservatives.

When Barack Obama was president I did not agree with his policies or his agenda; while most conservatives disagreed with him, we disagreed in a civil manner.

The actions of some on the left are nothing short of crazy. When you have a so-called female comedian posing for a picture holding a replica of the severed head of our president or a Broadway play where an actor portraying our president is stabbed to death is somehow considered art, I would like to know what in the HELL is in these people’s minds?

These people are not interested in debating the issues; they are trying to instill hatred in the minds of the uninformed people of this nation.

From personal experience I know how this kind of hatred eventually grows upon itself. When the shooter went to the Alexandria, Virginia ballpark and asked if the players were Republicans, it showed that he was targeting a specific group of people.

This is the same kind of crap that went on in Nazi Germany when the Jewish people were rounded up to be exterminated. Politics is a full contact sport, but what is going on now will do nothing but destroy our nation.

Abraham Lincoln used a quote from the Bible when he said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. In the future before we start calling severed heads and stabbings some kind of perverse art, we need to remember the analogy of how bad manure can stink when it is stirred.          

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