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The Conservative View – Scared to death
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STILLWELL, Okla. – Throughout the years I have watched many movies and I have noticed a common theme in many of the scary movies. In those movies the actors portray characters that become so frightened that they seem to lose all common sense. When a clear threat of danger exists the characters will usually make a stupid, illogical move that usually gets them killed off in the movie. While we would like to think that those kinds of things only happen in the movies, it often happens in the real world as well.

Fear can be a very effective tool. Many times elderly people are conned into losing their life’s savings because they put their faith into someone who promises to look out for them and protect them from life’s boogey man; too many times the protectors themselves abuse that trust and swindle the elderly. In our political system the fear tactic is being used on a daily basis, sadly many Americans are being manipulated by all of that rhetoric.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been much news about the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act more commonly known as Obamacare. Just today one report by the Congressional Budget Office claimed that some 14 million Americans would lose health insurance if the replacement bill being offered by the Republicans was adopted. Of course the main stream media is quick to report on anything derogatory against any bill that would put heath choices back in the hands of the citizens instead of government bureaucrats. The media is good at reporting endless sob stories to cause fear and doubt in the population.

Obamacare is a complete failure as a whole; sure there are people who have benefited by it, but there are countless people that have endured hardships and lost insurance because of it. Maybe the liberal elite think that if they can stir up enough fear our people will forget the lies about being able to keep the doctor of your choice and your premiums being $2,500.00 less each year. I agree that there is much to fear in the world today; the same could be said when this country was founded. The founders of this nation were wise enough to understand that instead of looking to government to solve their problems they put their faith in God. It is a fact that we print IN GOD WE TRUST on all of our currency, but we have forgotten the true meaning of that phrase.

Instead of allowing ourselves to be scared to death by the likes of Nancy Pelosi (who had to vote for Obamacare so that she would know what was in it), we need to be more afraid of the real threat. It was Franklin Roosevelt who once reassured this nation that all we have to fear is fear itself; we must not allow the fear to overrule our common sense. The real threat is allowing our government to seize more and more of our freedoms and liberties thus destroying the foundations this country was built upon.

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